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Storymoja Festival 2017 at Nairobi National Museum

Storymoja Festival 2017

Storymoja Festival prides itself as ‘the biggest book party’ in East Africa, and as a ‘celebration of books, stories and culture’.
This year we look to reproduce the feeling of a grand book party, and a celebration of our stories and culture and literature, on a grander, even more, ambitious scale. We hope to become the biggest, most stimulating gathering of local & international writers, artists and audiences exploring, showcasing, generating and celebrating the African narrative in many creative and cultural forms.
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The 2017 program will have a full offering of book discussions, public lectures, master classes & workshops, art & theatre shows, concerts, teen talent, competitions, jobs & careers, schools, children’s, and family programs throughout a five-day program. 
The Theme of this year's Storymoja Festival is Black Peace, in commemoration of the ten years that have passed since one of Kenya's dark moments - the 2007/08 Post Election Violence. In celebration of Black Peace, we are acknowledging ethnic, political and other forms of conflict that exist between us. It will therefore be interesting to see how this theme will play out in conversations on writing, art, theatre, film, fashion, policy, business & entrepreneurship, tourism, human rights, leadership, environment, disability, technology, women and youth empowerment, health, gender, identity and so on throughout the festival.

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