July 12, 2017 | What’s On | KenyaBuzz
What’s On

Exhibition Opening: Naijographia

Art, Free

Guy Debord in ‘A Critique of Separation’ asserts that the sectors of a city are decipherable, but the personal meaning they have for us is incommunicable

Deejay Competition

Special Events, Free

An event for all up-coming DJs to spin each other off in an exciting competition.

Shades of Benga

Special Events, Free

Join us for an evening of great music and as we celebrate the publication of Shades Of Benga, a wonderfully written book that tells the story of popular music in Kenya.

Movie Screening: 8 Mile + Hip Hop Karaoke (YKNL)


The people of Detroit know 8 Mile as the city limit, a border, a boundary. It is also a psychological dividing line that separates Jimmy Smith Jr. (Eminem) from where and who he wants to be. A provocative fictional examination of a critical week in Jimmy's life.

IAAF World U18 Nairobi 2017


This is a chance to see the next generation of world beaters in action in a country that simply loves to dominate global athletics.

World U18 Games

Special Events, Free

It's all about sports, good music,cultural experiences and talent search.

Empower Week II 2017

Campus Events, Free

The SUSO education festival aims to empower, educate and create change makers, to realize their self worth, enabling them to break barriers, create bonds, and hone their leadership skills, hence embracing Ubuntu.

July Holiday Coding Camp

Kids Events

Children who learn computer programming (coding) learn and practice critical thinking skills when the child's brain is still developing.

July Science Holiday Camp

Kids Events

Ignite you child's science potential in a three week fun holiday camp.

Children's Summer Camp

Kids Events

Camp Twiga is a fun, exciting and family focused holiday camp where kids can enjoy a variety of educational, active and enjoyable activities. Every day at Camp Twiga is different, ensuring your kids never run out of exciting things to do, and stories to tell you when they get home.