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Tips To Improve Your Flirting Skills

Sex & Relationships
Are we flirting? Or just chatting? If you find it hard to work out other people’s romantic intentions, you’re not alone.

Sex When You're Pregnant

Sex & Relationships
What’s it like having sex when you’re pregnant? Fifty women share their experiences of intercourse during pregnancy and after giving birth.

Too Many Past Lovers?

Sex & Relationships
Does it matter how many lovers you’ve had? When it comes to long-term relationships, your sex history could change the way a potential partner sees you.

Humour: Your Sexiest Feature

Sex & Relationships
When it comes to jokes, do you and your partner laugh at all the same things? Research from Canada discovers why a shared sense of humour is important.

Coregasm: The Sporty Orgasm

Health & Fitness , Sex & Relationships
Working up a sweat in the gym can have an enjoyable side-effect for some women – it gives them an orgasm.

Does Facebook Help Or Harm Relationships?

Sex & Relationships
Is Facebook good or bad for your relationship? That all depends on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, says Dr Gwendolyn Seidman, an expert on how Facebook affects romantic relationships.

Why Your New Love Is Just Like Your Ex

Sex & Relationships
Does your current partner remind you of your ex? Or are the two as different as can be? Recent Canadian research reveals why we choose to date people who are similar to each other – or not at all.

Top Reasons Young Couples Break Up

Sex & Relationships
How is breaking up different when you’re young? Though ending a relationship is tough no matter how old you are, recent Canadian research reveals the most common reasons teens and young adults call it quits.

Scared To Be Single? Stay Choosy!

Sex & Relationships
Do you worry about being single? Your fears could get in the way of that great relationship you’re hoping for, recent Canadian research shows.

Why Sex Is Good For You

Sex & Relationships
Ever wonder why sex is good for you? Recent Canadian research reveals one of the missing links between sleeping with a partner and feeling great.

How Happy Couples Stay Faithful

Sex & Relationships
How do people stay faithful to their partners when they meet a hot guy or girl? Happy couples see a stranger’s good looks as nothing special, say researchers.

How Money Can Affect Your Love Life

Sex & Relationships
Can believing we are rich or poor affect how we feel and behave in a relationship? Recent research from China reveals the impact money can have on romantic love.

Why Some People Have Lots Of Lovers

Sex & Relationships
Why do some people have lots of lovers while others are happy with one? The latest brain science helps explain why we are so different when it comes to how many sex partners we crave.

Why Do People Cheat?

Sex & Relationships
If you've ever been cheated on – or were the one doing the cheating – you probably want answers. Here are three science-based theories on why we cheat.

Are Gadgets Ruining Your Relationships?

Sex & Relationships , Tech Talk
Do your guy’s gadgets get on your nerves? Recent research reveals the ways smartphones can kill romance and ruin relationships.

Long-Distance Love: Keep It Hot With This Proven Technique

Sex & Relationships
Is distance keeping you and your sweetheart apart? Just because your love is far away, doesn’t mean you can’t feel close. This simple strategy can help give your long-distance relationship a boost.

How Couple Conflict Can Affect Your Health

Sex & Relationships
How do you and your partner fight? The way you deal with couple conflict could have a major effect on your health, according to this study.

Why Bad Boys Are Sexy

Sex & Relationships
Why do women find bad boys sexy? Harmful behaviors like smoking and drinking make guys attractive as short-term sex partners, according to new research.

Looks Don’t Matter in Love: Research Proves It

Sex & Relationships
Ever wonder what a gorgeous girl sees in an average-looking guy?

How Much Sex Do You Need to Be Happy?

Sex & Relationships
Does more sex make you happier? A good sex life is important to wellbeing, but having as much as possible is not necessarily the way to go, according to the latest research.