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Come We Stay: Marriage with Training Wheels

Sex & Relationships
Church weddings are taking the back seat, as ‘come we stay’-unions are getting more and more popular.


Health & Fitness
Amina* underwent FGM/C as a young girl. As an unmarried woman, she is torn between trying to value her culture and the pain she had to endure.

Keep Long-Distance Love Burning

Sex & Relationships
You have finally found the one, but how do you keep the love burning when there is distance between you? What happens now?

Heartbreak: It Does Get Better

Sex & Relationships
Heartbreak leaves us jaded, depressed, broken and not willing to take on life again. But there are steps you can take to get on the road to healing and trusting again.

Sex Makes Me Nervous

Sex & Relationships
“Then I met George. I was thrilled and over the moon. It had been two years since I last dated. But when we made out for the first time, I panicked.

Why You Can't Blame a Mini-Skirt

Sex & Relationships
Before the government restricted passenger capacity of public transportation in 2003, syphilis was but a bus ride away in Kenya.


Sex & Relationships
You’ve heard all the theories of why men and women cheat. I’ve got a new one. And before you roll your eyes and flip the page, hear me out: we cheat because we’re all spoiled babies…

Are You Old Enough? Are You Mature Enough?

Sex & Relationships
When are you old enough to have sex? This question can only be answered by asking other questions. For example: What does the law say? What does your religion say? What does your heart say?

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Sex & Relationships
Why do some people stay in destructive relationships even when all their friends and family advise them to run for their lives? Why do they keep lying to themselves?

Kenya’s Dating Rulebook

Sex & Relationships
People are constantly on the prowl for long-term love. In the process, different people follow different dating rules – may it be the “90-day rule” or simply trying not to bully your new beau. Read all about Kenya’s top six dating rules!

Give Up on Understanding the Opposite Sex

Sex & Relationships
A male friend just gave me a raw and honest insight into the male psyche. Some may think I would be thrilled but instead I’m deeply disappointed – not by men but by all the hogwash I grew up believing.

Celibate Forever?

Sex & Relationships
“I had been with this man for three years and he was married. Yes, I know! I should have known better. I know this sounds lame, but I didn’t plan for it to happen."

Desperate for Love? Then Talk

Sex & Relationships
While going through a very sobering season in my life, I've realised some things: 1) life is more than romantic relationships, 2) a lot of people are carrying a lot of hurt from past relationships and 3) women shouldn't assume their partners are mind readers.