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Sauti Sol Gives Back To The Kids

Celebrity Buzz , Kids
The International School of Kenya celebrated their 40th anniversary on August 17th; at the event they announced their partnership with Sauti Sol to create the Soma Soma Initiative.

The Kansoul Take Over Coke Studio

Celebrity Buzz , Music
The Hip Hop group comprised of Madtraxx, Kora and Mejja were kind enough to squeeze in an interview with us.

Newbie Afro Songstress Noni Releases New Song, ‘What Mama Said’

Music Mondays
I guess she actually listens to what her mama says.

‘Finding Dory’ Movie Review

Movie Reviews
Thought little Nemo was cute? Wait till you see baby Dory

Best Moments From Nairobi Diaries Season 2

Trending Topics
Have a look at the most memorable moments from Nairobi Diaries Season 2.

The New ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Show Review: Picking Up From Where We Left

Series Reviews
It’s been long without the girls and they have changed just like us...

In the Spirit of Slactivism Don’t Forget to Help

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How else can you help or show support?

KenyaBuzz Celebrates International Women’s Day

Trending Topics
..."Behind every successful woman is another woman who dared."

Phobia Quiz

Buzz Quiz
Find out the name of your greatest irrational fear?

The Dummies’ Guide to Nairobi Diaries

TV Buzz
Nairobi Diaries is a reality show; a first of its kind in Kenya. Here is the deal...

Top 10 Movies to Watch Out for in 2016

Movie Buzz
2016 will be action filled!

This is How Fish Landed Avril and Govi Lucrative Jobs

Celebrity Buzz
The campaign is powered by the Ministry of Health, Indian Commission Smart Fish Programme and UNFAO.

‘Goosebumps’ Review: The Story Which Ends How You Want It to End

Movie Reviews
If you are a fan of the Goosebumps children’s horror fiction novella then you will love this movie.

Fun Facts for Fans: Pablo Picasso

Arts & Culture
He is known for his infamous wild adventurous relationships that he cleverly depicted in his paintings.

QUIZ: Which Millennial Trend Best Describes You

Buzz Quiz
How 'millennial' are you? Take the quiz to find out.

Girlfriends Confidentials: A Man in Kenya Feels Like a Mexican Reading a Donald Trump Tweet

Sex & Relationships
‘A man in Kenya feels like a Mexican reading a Donald Trump tweet’ was his disclaimer statement and it was in regards to how the ladies stereotype all men under one classification. All men are not the same!

Behind the Lens With Karaya Munyi

Arts & Culture , Interviews
‘Who will tell that little girl that she is beautiful just the way she is. Who will tell her that she does not need to go anywhere else to know her beauty? She is beautiful in Mathare’...

Feminist Corner: Famous, Female and Artistic

Arts & Culture
Rihanna would love these women... Remember #freethenipplemovement.

Exploring Art: How to Critique a Painting

Arts & Culture
You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the simplicity and/or complexity of visual art all you need is a pair of eyes and a soul.

Top 5 Animal Celebrities From Kenya

Star Profiles
From reality shows (documentaries), Hollywood movies and impressive views on YouTube to museum displays, this is why we love our wild celebs.