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Not Going With the Flow

Health & Fitness
Is there a point when you should get worried about your irregular flow?

My Fiancé Wants Me To Get An HIV Test

Health & Fitness , Sex & Relationships
"I am getting married. My fiancé has asked me to get tested for HIV. He says everyone should get it done before marriage, even virgins. I am shocked."

Commitment: What’s So Scary About It?

Sex & Relationships
Why do we find it so hard these days to keep up a steady relationship with a partner? It’s not so hard to find couples who fell in love at a very young age and have grown old together. But times have changed and so have people.

"It’s Just A Slap, Get Over It," he said...

Sex & Relationships
“I was in a four-year-long relationship but it was after it ended that I learnt I was in an abusive relationship since the first day,” says Rina. Read on to know more about her shocking story.

Top 8 Myths: Sexual Health & Safety

Sex & Relationships
How well informed are you when it comes to STIs, birth control etc.? We bust some popular myths surrounding sexual wellbeing and safety.

Valentine’s Day Fails 

Sex & Relationships
Some people will have amazing and romantic stories to share of their special Valentine’s Day. Others aren't so lucky.

Songs About Love and Sex: Singing for Your Vote!

Sex & Relationships
Sweaty recording studios, singing from the soul and power-cuts in a storm... It’s been a busy week for Love Matters Africa!

Marriage Proposals: Do’s & Don’ts

Sex & Relationships
‘Will you marry me?’ could well be the most difficult question you’ll ask in your lifetime. So we advise you to prepare well!

Vagina Confident: Better Health, More Sex

Sex & Relationships
Women who feel confident and comfortable about their vaginas have more sex and get more head, according to a recent US study.

Guide to Recovery for the Cheated

Sex & Relationships
If your partner has cheated on you, it’s normal that you suffer from trust issues. But there are ways to recover and have a healthy relationship yet again. Here’s how…

Risky Thrills of Secret Sexting

Sex & Relationships
“Sexting is fun,” says 21- year-old Ruchi, a self-confessed serial sexter. She’s had a long-distance lover for over a year now and says sexy SMS exchanges have helped keep her relationship buzzing.

Asking Someone Out: Do’s and Don’ts

Sex & Relationships
You fancy that girl or boy and you’ve got positive vibes from them. Now comes the next big step – asking them out. This can be tricky. What should you say? What shouldn’t you say? What are the golden rules to obey? Read on to find out.

Men Allergic to Own Sperm Get After-Sex Flu

Sex & Relationships
Imagine if every time you had an orgasm it made you ill for a week. That’s just what happens to men with ‘post orgasmic illness syndrome’, or POIS.

Pain During Sex: Suffering in Silence

Sex & Relationships
Half of all women under 25 say they sometimes or always have pain during intercourse. Why do they put up with it?

Online Dating: Do's and Don'ts

Sex & Relationships
As it becomes more and more difficult to meet people the old fashioned way your search for the man or woman of your dreams might just lead you to the new and exciting world of online dating. Keep our list of dos and don’ts handy if you’re planning to take the plunge.

Relationship Deal-Breakers: No-Go's For Guys

Sex & Relationships
“If I’m in a relationship, we’d better have sex.” Six guys answer a difficult question: what's not negotiable in a relationship? From cheating, sex and attractiveness to politics...

Relationship Deal-Breakers: No-Gos For Girls

Sex & Relationships
“I can’t date someone who is always checking out other girls or flirting with them.” We all draw the line at something in a relationship. We asked seven women what was the most important relationship deal-breaker for them.

Sex With Empathy: Better for Both

Sex & Relationships
If you’re good at empathizing – grasping what your partner is feeling during sex – it won’t just boost your partner’s pleasure, but also your own, a study found.

The Kenyan Man vs. Polygamy

Sex & Relationships
Polygamy is an ancient tradition recognised by the Kenyan constitution as a form of marriage. But how relevant is polygamy in this day and age? What’s it really worth?

His and her arousal - how to get in sync

Sex & Relationships
It’s 11pm. You just want to curl up with a good book – meanwhile your partner is revved up to curl up. “I think this is a very recognisable situation for many women,” says psychologist Ellen Laan. Women ask, “Where did he get that desire from so suddenly. Where can you buy that?”