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A Killer Comedy: Parks & Recreation Review

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If you’re stuck for something that’s going to completely change your outlook on your job in the New Year, then allow me to suggest Parks and Recreation. Comedienne Amy Poehler has created one of the funniest and smartest shows of this decade.

A Spirited Experience: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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This is a movie that will force you to look within yourself and ask why you let the kid inside you die. Remember how you had dreams of what you wanted to do, how spirited you were before the bills, the jobs and all the damned responsibility?

Wickedly Entertaining: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug picks up right where the first one left off (and thank goodness for that). It feels like coming home when you settle in for this one.

The Fairy-Tale Returns: Frozen Review

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So what’s a multi-million dollar company to do when all else fails? They go back to the beginning – animations. It has to be said Frozen will undoubtedly be their top earner this year. The original Fairy-tale is back!

A Cop Show with a Twist: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes all that comedy and packs it into a hilarious show about cops and trust me – it works.

Satisfyingly Thrilling: ‘Rush’ Review

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If you have no knowledge of the story behind the movie then you’re in for an even better experience.

Vintage Perfection: 43rd CBA Concours D’Elegance

You would be forgiven for thinking that this event is one of those affairs reserved for the elite to hob nob and talk about how beautiful their cars are. However, this event is a chance for you to walk through motoring history and witness just what can happen when a hobby turns into a love affair that would rival most marriages.

This One Is For The Fans: Thor 2 Review

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But this is the kind of movie that audiences eat up. It’s about the eye candy in the movie and I’m not just talking about Chris Hemsworth shirtless scenes.

Stiff Competition: Liquid Africa Launches Magnum Cream Liqueur

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When a tasting ends with you making a wager with one of the directors on which of the four products will be the highest selling by March, you know it’s been a successful event.

Dark, Chilling & Brilliant: Prisoners Review

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Hugh Jackman plays Keller Dover who is the kind of guy you see on those Discovery shows about ‘doomsday preppers’. He is a survivalist and is always prepared for the worst. Of course, nothing can prepare him for the moment when his daughter, Anne goes missing.

The Definition of a Spy Thriller: The Americans Review

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I love a good period show and The Americans is set in the 80s when the Cold War was at its peak and words like KGB, counter-intelligence and spies were thrown around.

Not the Worst Thing You’ll See This Year: RIPD Review

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RIPD is what you get when you take everything you’ve ever seen about ghost hunting and then package it like it was Men In Black without the aliens. Pretty simple.

Authentically Funny: Cougar Town Review

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However, as the show progressed, it became your typical comedy about a group of friends who share their ups and downs and drink A LOT of wine.

The Most anti-Islamist Show? Homeland Review

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Homeland is a fantastic show and I have no qualms about making a statement that grand about a show whose third season is underway. From the very beginning the show packs a punch.

You’ve Seen This Movie Before: Runner Runner

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You’ve seen this movie before. You’ve seen the movie where the bad guy is charming but a mean bastard and where the good guy had no choice but to get involved. Throw a girl into the mix and I guarantee you, you could probably write the script yourself.

The Game Changer: Muthoni the Drummer Queen set to drop MDQ

I didn’t believe it when I heard that Muthoni the Drummer Queen was going to come back into the music scene with a move that anyone would have thought impossible.

A Cult Classic in the Making: Orphan Black Season One

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Everyone was talking my ear off about Orphan Black. I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t even bother to check it on IMDB (where it has an 8.1/10 rating by the way).

Warning! No One Should Watch This: Grown Ups 2

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How can anyone in good conscience fall asleep in a movie theatre after making the decision to go see something on big screen? I’ll tell you how; if they went to see this movie.

Lesbians, Classism and Racism: The Provocative First Season of Orange is the New Black

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Imagine for a moment that you were a girl that became bi-curious in college and started to date a ridiculously hot girl who also just happened to be an international drug smuggler.

The New Government (Milk) Shake down

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Since hearing that milk now costs as if it came from golden udders, I keep singing “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than yours!..."