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'El Chapo' Review: Another Antihero Crime Story You Will Love

Series Reviews
El Chapo is an intriguing crime drama that will immediately captivate you, more so if Narcos was a big hit with you.

‘Daytime Divas’ Review: The Latest Guilty Pleasure on TV

Series Reviews
The one thing that comes to mind when I try to describe Daytime Divas is guilty pleasure.

6 African LGBT Movies You Need to Watch During #PrideMonth

In honour of Pride Month, we decided to create a list of LGBT cinema from Africa that you should know about. 

'Still Star-Crossed' Review: A ShondaLand Flop 

Series Reviews
A show that dose well on diversity representation but not so much the storytelling.

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember Pirates of the Caribbean Movies?

Buzz Quiz
Test your pirates knowledge in the ultimate quiz about the movies.

'American Gods' Review: An Impactful and Smart Visual Treat

Series Reviews
American Gods is one of those very weird shows that somehow manages to be entertaining.

12 Celebrity Muslim Dads

Celebrity Buzz
This Ramadhan & father's day period, we would like to celebrate muslim dads.

Patricia Kihoro on Her New Music, Harry Potter & Scary Surgery

We sat down with Patricia Kihoro & this happened!

Netflix's 'Sense8' Season 2 Review: Not Quite As Groundbreaking As The First

Series Reviews
The second season of Sense8 is just okay, nothing mind-blowing but still nothing horrible.

Charles Ndubuisi Releases Debut Single, ‘Keep Loving’ With Ythera 

Music Mondays
If you’re in a hopelessly romantic mood today, or were just blue ticked by your significant other and you don’t quite understand why, send them this song right now.  

QUIZ: Can You Match the MET Gala 2017 Outfit to Its Owner?

Buzz Quiz
How much attention did you pay to the MET Gala 2017 red carpet?

'The White Princess' Review: Taking Over From Where The White Queen Left

Series Reviews
The White Princess tries to keep in touch with actual historical facts while portraying the power struggle between the two waring houses of England, York and Tudor, in a very regal and dramatic fashion.

15 New TV Shows You Need To Be Watching Right Now

TV Buzz
A run-down of some of our most favourite shows of 2017 so far.

Hulu’s ‘Harlots’ Review: The Oldest Profession Makes Its Way To TV And It’s Oh So Tasty!

Series Reviews
A show about 17th Century London prostitutes done incredibly well.

ATTENTION, ATTENTION, Lupita & Rihanna Are Making A Movie!!!

Celebrity Buzz , Trending Topics
A movie for the history books!

10 Funny Twitter Reactions About The Safaricom Outage

LOL , Trending Topics
Hell hath no fury like a #KOT scorned

Fullscreen's 'Magic Funhouse' Review: An Offensively Funny Web Series About A TV Show

Series Reviews
The series is streaming exclusively on Fullscreen and anyone can watch it right now by getting a free 7 day trial on the platform here.

QUIZ: Can You Guess The Netflix Show Based On One Picture?

Buzz Quiz
Find out just how obsessed you are with Netflix.

Netflix's ‘13 Reasons Why’ Review: A Fantastic Show With A Message That Needs To Be Heard

Series Reviews
13 Reasons Why has joined a small list of beyond fantastic book to movie/TV adaptations with its great writing, directing and even better acting from the cast.