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QUIZ: Can You Guess The Right Movie Title?

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How many of these movie titles can you get right?

Netflix's "Crazyhead" Review: Funny, Bright & Diabolical

Series Reviews
Crazyhead tries to mix comedic relief and horror, and aces at delivering in this format very well.

QUIZ: Do You Remember These 2017 Grammys Red Carpet Looks?

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Can You Match The Famous Person To Their Grammy Red Carpet Look?

'Legion' Review: The Best X-Men Adaptation In A While

Series Reviews
The show combines a twisted madhouse and superpower theme exemplarily well.

People Are Mad That Uhuru Kenyatta Tweeted About The County Government Failing Us

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President Uhuru Kenyatta tweeted about the county Government failing citizens & most of us were triggered!

QUIZ: The Ultimate Fifty Shades Challenge

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How well do you really think you know the Fifty Shades series?

Netflix's "Santa Clarita Diet" Review: A Morbid Comedy Featuring A New Kind Of Zombie

Series Reviews
Fair warning to those with light stomachs and sporadic gag reflexes, this show features a fair share of cannibalism so tread carefully.    

Lady Gaga's FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

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There were fireworks, 300 drones that danced in the sky and of course an unstoppable Lady Gaga. Watch the showmanship below and get ready to become a ‘Little Monster’.

Netflix’s 'iBoy' Review: An Insteresting Take On Powers, Not So Much The Storyline

Movie Reviews
Netflix have promised to add to their library of movies and they’ve definitely delivered on that promise.

'Riverdale' Review: A Dark Twist To The Archie Comics

Series Reviews
The new CW show is an adaptation of the Archie comics most of us read growing up, and it's dark, sexy and thrilling!

Top 15 Games To Look Forward To In 2017

Tech Talk
From Halo to Resident Evil, check out our list of 15 video games coming in 2017.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 Review

Series Reviews
The show makes me sad because the kids’ lives never get better and everyone around them is trash!

Crashing: A Delightfully Dirty British Comedy

Series Reviews
Crashing isn’t the most smartly written show but it’s an enjoyable one to watch nonetheless.

#YouTubeRewind 2016 Is Here!

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YouTube Rewind 2016. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2016

'The Exorcist' Review - Regan McNeil Lives On

Series Reviews
The Exorcist is actually a solid try by FOX to recreate one of the greatest horror movies of all time into a weekly show.

10 Actors You Never Knew Had Music Careers

Celebrity Buzz
These people are good actors and some even better singers.

Netflix's 'Chewing Gum' - An Original & Funny Black British Comedy

Series Reviews
If you love nice humor with a dash of real life conundrums, Chewing Gum should definitely be on your watch list. 

Why Snapchat Sucks On Android

Tech Talk
In the perfect world, Snapchat on Android should be better than Snapchat on iOS, but ALAS!

Funny 'African Parents' Tweets We Can All Relate To

African parents are a special breed of people. But we still love them.