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A New Afro-pean Menu has Landed in Nairobi

Restaurant Reviews
Given the dizzying rate at which this city is growing, a restaurant that caters to the  highly discerning, cosmopolitan palate could not have come at a better time.

Joss Stone Live In Kenya– She Came, She Sang, She Conquered

I am Kenyan. Kenyans don’t know Joss Stone. They know Chris Brown, not Joss Stone. And it’s our loss.

Want To Hold A Successful Event? Here Are 13 Tips To Pull And Retain A Crowd

Arts & Culture , FYI
When it comes to daunting and stressful activities, planning an event probably falls right up there with moving house and dealing with in laws.

Do We Stand The Risk Of Forgetting What Happened At Westgate Mall?

Crime/Security , Trending Topics
Save for some tighter security measures, Westgate mall is exactly the same as it was before September 21st 2013. It’s as if nothing happened there.

I Spent An Afternoon Doing This Amazing Activity With The Kids- You Can Too!

When I think of all the useless things I have spent 800 bob on, I can conclusively say that this place gave me a real bang for my buck.

10 Movies You Need to Watch With Dad This Father’s Day

Movie Buzz
Less is definitely more when it comes to Father’s Day.

Did You Know About the National Child Helpline in Kenya?

FYI , Kids
Childline Kenya is a free child helpline service that offers support 24 hours a day.

How One Staff Member Changed My Mind About Artcaffe Restaurant

Restaurant Reviews
Artcaffe did not pay to have this article written, I do not have relatives or friends working at Artcaffe and I am certainly not looking for a job at Artcaffe.

Kenya Needs Radical Surgery, Desperately and Urgently

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It’s hard to believe that we have sunk this low. Everyone is stealing, everything is for sale and crime pays- extremely well.

Every Time She Gets Naked for the Cameras, Does Kim Kardashian Think About Her Children?

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What, pray, can the kid whose mother’s naked pictures can be found all over the net say to that?

Hollywood Needs More ‘Scandals’

TV Buzz
If Hollywood is poisoned with a lack of diversity for good quality roles, then Scandal makes for a powerful antidote.

#OscarsSoWhite: Chris Rock Was the Perfect Man for the Job

Celebrity Buzz , Trending Topics
Some of the shots were cheap but in the end, Chris Rock landed the important punches; the prejudices and hypocrisies were exposed.

Did This Pilot ‘Push’ or Did He ‘Assault’ the Policewoman?

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The words ‘push’ and ‘assault’ are wildly different. And the media houses know it.

The 2015 List of Shame and Fame on Kenya’s Social Media

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From questionable deals to blatant theft; unbecoming behavior to utter stupidity.

Radisson Blu: The New Nairobi Hotel Setting the Tone on How Today’s Hotel Guest Should be Treated

The hotel's only noticeably blue thing is the signage outside; its interior has little blue- which is neither a good nor a bad thing.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who’s the Hottest Bond of All? VOTE BELOW!

Movie Buzz
He is the guy women will have that one night stand with and brag about afterwards to friends, the guy they will want to be the Bond girl for- without pay. The guy they reserve their dirty little fantasies for. He is the guy that as we say in Kenyanese, can 'gerrit'.

“This Is the Thing That I Cannot Not Do”- Aprelle Duany, Founder and CEO APRELLEDUANY

Designers , Interviews
A dream, surviving a war, a decision - Exclusive interview with founder and CEO of emerging luxury lifestyle brand APRELLEDUANY.

#TBT: 18 Things that put our Teachers' 18 Year Grievances into Perspective

Throwback Thursdays , Trending Topics
What teachers ought to have known by now is in 1997, when the then President Moi promised them a 300% increase in salaries, it was not from the goodness of his heart, certainly not when the elections were just round the corner.

It’s Official, Dusit D2 Serves the Best Pork in Town

Food & Drink , Restaurant Reviews
It’s succulent, it’s moist, it’s soft, it’s tender, it’s flesh literally dissolves in your mouth. After tasting the pork belly at Dusit, I found myself googling: ‘ways to cook slow cooked pork belly’.

#TBT: Boney M and Other Music Greats From the 70s

Music , Throwback Thursdays
This week we revisit the music of Boney M and nine other greats from this era.