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Batman v Superman: A Fanboy’s Honest Review

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This movie is a two hour trailer for several other movies. On its own, it’s not really a great stand alone movie.

"Seed" Series Review

Series Reviews
The show takes a very bold look at the reality of sperm donation and just how many copies have the capability of existing from one donor...that being said, the show is hilarious. It has its basic sitcom scenarios but well blended with mature humor.

The Last Hangover You Should EVER Have…

Movie Reviews
The movie is funny. There is quite a bit of wit and shtick in it. But the exhaustion of trying to find some emotional attachment to it wins out. Even a sentimental scene in which Alan hugs a kid is more out of place than it is endearing.

What’s Cooking with Ajuma Nasenyana?

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“My husband sent me to this class, what does that say about me?”

Star Profile: Matthew Perry

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“Wow, it’s like porno for clowns…” - As Chandler Bing

Big Brother Africa: From Intelligent Psych Experiment to Commercial Doll House…

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Big Brother has lost its original intelligence. It has become “filler programming” to keep the less intelligent busy in between work and school.

Fast and Furious 6: Loud, Exhausting and Lacking

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After ten years of Top Gear (BBC) nobody cares about vehicular theatrics anymore.

Kenya’s Hottest Male Newscasters

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The hottest male newscasters as voted by the KenyaBuzz female staff.

A Good Day to Die Hard Review: Dear Mr. Willis… Please Stop!

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The problem with this Die Hard is that not only is it retarded but it is retarded in a foreign language for a lot of the movie. And NO, I am NOT reading subtitles during an action movie!

Front Row Review: The Tween Writer Fascination with Dead Things Gets Creepy With Warm Bodies

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Fine, when the tweens started having an irregular obsession with vampires that is what we said, “Fine”. Then they threw in witches and wizards and we said, “OK”. Next came werewolves and we thought, “Creepy but better than witches and vampires”. But let me go ahead and nip this in the bud.

Mikul Shah Shames Susan Wong at Brew Bistro

Food & Drink
Every Tuesday at Brew Bistro Bar and Lounge on Ngong Road is all about BYOB, and not “Bring Your Own Beer”… They HAVE beer! BYOB in this instance means “Build Your Own Burger”.

Star Profile: Brenda Song

Star Profiles
It’s so interesting when child stars grow up and become hot. Little Rudy Huxtable (Kiesha Knight Pulliam) set the trend and it would appear Brenda Song wants to take over. Who is this?

Bunheads: It only ‘feels’ like Gilmore Girls because it is…

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Amy Sherman Palladino is a producer we can all love. She gave us the Gilmore Girls.

'The Office' Series Review

Series Reviews
The show originally only had a cult following but somewhere in the second season, thanks to the “hipster effect”, it gained a massive fan base. It was an “emperor’s new clothes” reaction, where if you don’t get the office you are an idiot, but once people were pulled into it, it was hard to stop.

HOT: Lenana Kariba

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“Great acting is being able to create a character, great character is being able to be yourself...... I am Lenana Kariba”.

Jua Cali, Dna and Mejja Launch Coca Cola’s COPA in Kenya With High Energy

Coca Cola is the well known internationally dominant brand for soft drinks and beverages. Their advertising campaigns are usually particularly favorable to Africa including last year’s “I Love You Africa” and this year’s “Go Crazy” campaign solidifying Africa as the kindest place on earth.

Kenyan Culinary Brilliance Awarded

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Kenyan culinary geniuses were awarded at a special night just for them held at The KICC Tsavo Ball Room.

Ally McBeal Review

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For a lot of people, this is one of those shows that had that strange sense of family created by identifying with fictional characters.

Iron Man 3 Review

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It is nothing like Christopher Nolan’s Batman series though because this movie makes no attempt to deviate from letting the audience know that it is a live action comic book.

Oblivion Review

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With the exception of great visuals and large post-apocalyptic landscapes, the rest of the film is a let-down.