Alvaro is now married to Samantha! He decided that he would be with both her and Angela because he could not give up on either one. Samantha offers him the social status he desires since he would be able to advance his career as her husband while Angela was the woman he loves. Alvaro had married Angela first so he had to annul their marriage before he could marry Samantha. He therefore lied that he had to go for a trip so that he could take care of it. He came back earlier and spent the day with Angela before going home to see Samantha. Samantha knew that he had returned and confronted him for cheating on her. Alvaro however said that he was taking care of his sister, who has been in a coma for a year. Samantha empathized with him and let the issue go. Alvaro continued to plan his wedding to Samantha. Angela found out about his deception on the day of the ceremony but she was not able to stop it. Alvaro said he didn't know her and got her kicked out of the church. He continued with the wedding and the couple left on their honey moon after. Angela therefore decided to sue Alvaro for having lied to her and marrying someone else but she is not aware that their marriage is already annulled. What will she do when she finds out? Tune in to "You are the one" on NTV Kenya every Monday & Tuesday at 8:30 pm, Wednesday & Thursday at 8:00 pm.

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