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Here’s Why You Should Be Watching Soap Operas

13 Mar 2017 | By Mary Njehia

Why You Should Be Watching Soap Operas

Soap operas are a mirror of life and society, albeit in an exaggerated setting.

Every soap opera fan knows that one person who claims that they wouldn’t be caught dead watching a soap. Do you know what the truth is though? The truth is that there is really no one in the world who would not enjoy watching a soap opera if they were patient enough to sit through three consecutive episodes.

Treat the first one as a mistake and go through the cycle of sheer denial, criticism and justification of why you “hate” this kind of cheesy, melodramatic programming. Make the second one another mistake. The third time and every other time after that will be a conscious decision to want to know how events in the show transpire. Eventually you realize that you actually like it. And this, ladies and gentlemen is the reason why soap operas are the most viewed programs in the world.

But if you really want to know why you should be watching soaps, I’ll give you a few reasons…

First is the major eye candy on display. Soap operas are packed with stunning women and fetching gentlemen. You’d think looking good must be 50% of the requirement to get cast in one. There is no harm in letting your eyes feast on good looking people so you might as well enjoy it.

Second reason is the gorgeous fashion and décor on display. The stars are always dressed in trendy fashion wear, while you might also be able to pick up on some interior design ideas from the sets.

The third and most important reason is that soap operas may be the one constant source of romance you will get in your day. We all know that the African male, especially our Kenyan men are not prone to grand romantic gestures, so soap operas are the best place to find out what true romance and superfluous displays of affection look and feel like.

Soap operas are a mirror of life and society, albeit in an exaggerated setting. The fact still remains that they are stories we can borrow lessons and values from. These shows tackle universal themes such as love, family values, marriage, infidelity, morality and even unorthodox topics like homosexuality and surrogacy. Their hard won lessons tend to get glossed over by the melodrama and starry-eyed love stories that characterize soaps.
Mary Njehia is an ardent watcher of soap operas and telenovelas.
She runs Kenya Meets The Philippines, a blog for Kenyans who love Filipino entertainment.

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