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What’s Cooking with Ajuma Nasenyana?

05 Jun 2013 | By Andrew Onyango

The Brew Bistro Bar and Lounge on Ngong Road has a regular cooking course called Cooking with Class every Monday. The class is taught by Brew’s award winning executive chef Tim Freeman. He has experience from all over the globe including work at The White House.

But Tim’s passion for food is not just restricted to culinary creations. He has a “pay it forward” attitude to the art as well. He wanted to do something that would share his knowledge about cooking and hopefully begin a chain reaction. Thus came about the creation of Cooking with Class.

For the last couple of weeks the class has had a celebrity edition in Ajuma Nasenyana.

What’s Cooking with Ajuma Nasenyana?

Ajuma is one of Kenya’s most celebrated fashion exports. Her face has been on billboards and in some of the ritziest glossy fashion magazines in the world. She began her career as an athlete. Her success as an athlete and her run for Miss Tourism gained her quite a bit of attention including that of scouts from Ford Modeling. The scouts sent her pictures to Ford Europe. The Europe office loved her look and brought Ajuma in.

Her fashion successes include work in Milan, London and of course Fashion Week which is a global fashion event for the best of the best in the business. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity her career has given her to see the world. But she says her greatest success, the reason for her return to Kenya and for her taking the cooking class is her family.

What’s Cooking with Ajuma Nasenyana?

After her son Elliot was born, Ajuma based herself in Nairobi because she wanted her son to have a Kenyan upbringing. She currently works from Nairobi and flies out for jobs.

“My husband sent me to this class, what does that say about me?” she asked as she laughed. But Ajuma does have a passion for cooking. She describes herself as the kind of person who likes to satisfy people with food. “I always feel nice and comfortable when people appreciate my food!”

Before she began the class her signature dish was meatballs with hotdogs and cream with pasta. Now she boasts that she can make a steak and hollandaise sauce with mushrooms from scratch. “This class is a lot of fun, the Chef is really funny and I have made a lot of good friends here”, she said about being a cooking student.

The class’s latest project was baking wedding cakes for auction online in support of The Big 5 Scholarship Fund. Ajuma’s is known as “The Blue Mad Hatter”.

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