In the informal settlements of Mukuru, a group of young girls are finding hope and empowerment through art and mentorship provided by Warembo Wasanii, a community-based organization founded by Eco-Feminist Joan Otieno. The organization, which has affiliates in other grassroots communities across Nairobi, is dedicated to providing art classes, mentorship, and a safe space for young, vulnerable girls.
Warembo Wasanii's mission is to empower girls to recognize their self-worth, develop their creative talents, and pursue their dreams. Through art classes and mentorship, the girls are encouraged to express themselves and develop their skills using recycled and upcycled materials. From paintings, toys, and accessories to bags and clothing, the girls create beautiful art pieces that are available for purchase to support the organization and the girls' ongoing artistic endeavors.
One of the most innovative aspects of Warembo Wasanii is the girls-only pink hut, which serves as a gathering place and workshop for the girls. The pink hut is a symbol of female empowerment and a safe space where the girls can express themselves freely, without fear of judgment or discrimination. The hut is also a venue for workshops, where underprivileged girls from across Nairobi can come and learn from the Warembo Wasanii mentors.
In addition to providing art classes and mentorship, Warembo Wasanii also encourages community involvement and support. Donations of materials are welcomed, and the organization is always looking for volunteers who can help with art classes, mentorship, or fundraising. By involving the community, Warembo Wasanii hopes to create a sustainable model for empowering girls and helping them develop their talents and self-confidence.
*Featured Image: Flurina Rothenberger

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