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This Video In Praise Of Commonwealth Champion Athlete Caleb Ndiku Is A Total FAIL

17 Aug 2016 | By The Weatherman

caleb nduku machakos kyalo

We all know Caleb Mwangangi Ndiku as the Reigning World Indoor and Commonwealth Champion for the 3,000 and 5,000 meters race. And today  at 4:05pm, he’ll be running in the 5000m finals of the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil.

But that’s not news. THIS is the news. There’s a rapper called Machakos Kyalo, who’s composed a song in praise of Caleb titled, ‘Run Caleb Ndiku’.

So when I heard there’s another song in praise of a Kenyan athlete (remember Khaligraph Jones’ ‘Julius Yego’?) I was pretty excited! But I guess I counted my unhatched chicks a little bit too fast.

This song, ‘Run Caleb Ndiku’ is NOT a song in praise of the athlete. Instead, it’s a song that’s all about the damn rapper. Now don’t get me wrong, the lyrics are all about Caleb and his glory. But evidently, this song is all about Kyalo flossing to us that he’s got money and has a famous friend.

Kyalo goes ahead and says, “...Caleb tells me, he listens to the song before the races... and hey, that’s who I made the song for. I made the song for anyone that needs to grind that needs to work hard towards something and if people are asking them, ‘Why are you doing this? Why are you doing that? Just keep working on that dream, that goal...”

Ummm… I doubt this song will make anyone feel motivated to “work on that dream, or that goal.” I mean, Caleb as an athlete is absolutely 100% motivational.  But the song, ergh. Not so much.

Machakos Kyalo should probably start focusing on joining his buddy Caleb during his race rehearsals. The only thing he needs to shed other than his ego, is his weight.

From me though, I wish Caleb all the best as he runs for gold today! Go Caleb Go! Or as whack rapper Machakos Kyalo would put it, “Run Caleb Nduku!” in his video below:

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