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Trevor Noah Begins His War on Bulls**t

29 Sep 2015 | By Tim Mworia | @timworia

Tevor Noah Begins His War on Bulls**t

South African comedian Tevor Noah last night finally got his chance to impress as new host of The Daily Show. And so he did. His first night saw him stick to the try and tested structure of previous host Jon Stewart- even keeping the famous ‘Moment of Zen’ ending.

The method is all Trevor though. The episode is littered with his bold and often bawdy style that most of his early fans in Africa know and love him for; from making a passing reference to the Pope’s pocket rocket, and landing a cringey Whitney Houston/crack joke to a dig about baseball that will amuse the show’s now global audience.

Fellow comedian Kevin Hart appeared as Trevor’s first guest. Watch part of the episode and fan reactions on Twitter below. You can catch the full episode tonight on DStv channel 122 (Comedy Central) at 21:00 CAT.

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah will continue airing same time Tuesdays through Fridays on Comedy Central.

And then theres this guy who went all Eminems Stan on Trevor Noah. Really, really disturbingly impressive!

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