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Transformers meets Battleship meets Jurassic Park: Pacific Rim Review

02 Aug 2013 | By Linda Kimaru

When you get into bed with the Chinese to make a big budget film like Pacific Rim, you know there are bound to be some issues. It cost $240 million to make. Not a lot of money for the Chinese. But then the China Film Group suddenly stopped making payments that it was supposed to. The Hollywood studio that should have been paid box office costs and the Chinese had a disagreement as to who should pay a 2% VAT. So, no one’s getting paid. Nonetheless, the movie must be judged outside of its bureaucratic problems.

Director Guillermo Del Toro is no stranger to making a movie appeal, shock and pleasure you visually. He’s great with that kind of stuff. When I found out he was directing this movie, I was extremely pleased. Then I sat down to watch it and while my eyeballs were treated to some fantastic film candy, my brain kept asking “What the hell is happening here?” And not in the good way that a psychological thriller does but in the way that reality TV sometimes numbs you. However, I looked past it because in 3D you can look past anything.

The Pacific Rim story is simple. Earth begins to fight this long war with monsters that come from the ocean called Kaiju. So what do world leaders (i.e America) do to retaliate? They build super cool human controlled robots called Jaegers (which means hunter in German) to fight the monsters. Everything’s cool. The humans are doing great led by Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba). The Jaegers are doing their jobs. The Kaijus are getting their behinds handed to them on every single mission. But of course, nothing’s that easy.

Cue your hero fallen from glory (Raliegh Becket played by Charlie Hunnam) to come in unwillingly to save the day. Like I said, the storyline was a mish mash of many concepts. You have the robots that look like the ultra-awesome bots from transformers. The monsters rising from depths of the sea where the good fight is fought just like in Battleship. Finally, you have these freaky alien like things that look like dinosaurs except for the whole spitting out vile things. If Jurassic Park was on steroids, this would be it.

However, it’s not all bad. It’s one of those great movies where even though you know the good guys (Americans) will come out on top; you have to hand it to the guys behind the scenes. Some of the battle scenes seem like that they took months (probably did) to create. The great thing about movies made for 3D is the filmmaker is playing on your every instinct to run away from the evil Kaiju thing coming at you from the screen. But Guillermo knows that no matter how much hair rises on the back of your neck, you’ll sit tight and try to figure out how he makes everything so damn cool.

When you do go see this movie, and you should, don’t go looking for the most fantastic plot you ever saw in a movie. Instead, brace yourself for non-stop fight scenes that’ll have you throwing punches from your seat. And if you like it, there are already rumours of a sequel. (Rubs hands together in glee)

By Linda Kimaru

Review Courtesy of Century Cinemax Junction

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