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Top 7 Tips for Protecting Your Hair While Vacationing This Festive Season

17 Dec 2014 | By Wangechi Maina

For most people the holidays mean three things: travel, travel and more travel. Hair is most vulnerable during the holidays because of the exposure to the drying effects of the sun, salt from sea water and chlorine from swimming pools. 

The number of women that sit in salons after Christmas and New Year’s break as they desperately seek some TLC for their hair are a testament to this. Don't be one of these women.

We’re giving you tips to help protect your precious locks as you enjoy your vacation and to do so without compromising on style. It’s good riddance to the swimming caps, stockings and shower caps that we see making the rounds on our beaches and around pools.

1| Trim your split ends: Before embarking on your travels it’s advisable to get a haircut. The sun will do extra damage to hair that’s already dry; your hair will have the upper hand without those dead ends.

2| Take Your Usual Dose: That shampoo and conditioner provided by you hotel won’t cut it. It’s free and convenient but isn’t necessary the best for your hair. Pack your preferably sulphate free shampoo and conditioner to avoid arriving unprepared at your destination.   

3| Splash before the Dash: Wet your hair with cool water and cover with a leave-in conditioner before going into the sea or jumping into the pool. This extra layer of coating prevents your hair from absorbing a lot of the water that is damaging. Bonus tip: Carry along a bottle, filled equal parts with water and conditioner to spritz your hair in-between swims and dives.

4| UV-Shield It: Just like there’s sunscreen to prevent sunburn on your skin, there are products designed to specifically protect your hair from the harsh UV rays. If you have coloured hair, you should make this products your friends. Hair colour is a big investment and there’s nothing more annoying than getting back from vacation with faded or green hair. I’m not talking to you box blondes.

5| Tuck it Away: Ends of hair are the oldest which makes them the most vulnerable. Tucking them away protects them from the elements. Wear your hair in a chignon instead of a pony tails because that ensures that the ends are hidden.

6| Cover it Up: Wear a hat or something cuter, when you’re out in the sun. And don’t leave it hanging outside where it will be exposed to the rays. Turbans are all the rage. Get fashion forward printed ones which will make you look chic and stylish. If you can tie a mean headscarf, go ahead. Just protect that hair. 

7| Give it a Haircation: You’ll be protecting your hair but will instead scream style! Keep your hair safely protected in braids, twists or cornrows for the duration of time you’ll be vacationing. You’ll be protecting your hair but your do will instead be screaming stylish!


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