Here's the bottom line: sex is a perfectly normal and natural part of our lives and both men and women should enjoy it- it should not feel like a 'duty'. And if you're not enjoying your sex life, there's no shame in seeking support to help you with the difficult conversations and to move your relationship (or just you) in the right direction. Many of us struggle with our sexuality, just as we may struggle with anxiety or wanting more clarity on our careers. Sex therapy can help you create the sex life that you've always wanted and deserve to have.
So, if you are having bland sex, or want to take your sex life a notch higher, or you're new to sex and need guidance on getting frisky more effectively, time to try a Sexologist.
Anthropology. Psychology. Biology. Sociology. Medicine. Sexologists draw from a wide range of disciplines in their scientific study of human sexuality and their work can range from research and academia to opening an office and providing therapy. 
Sexologists want you to have consensual, comfortable, mind-blowing sex. Here are the top 5 hottest sexologists in Kenya:
Getrude Mungai
Getrude shocked the public when she started to talk about sex on National TV to a rather prudish Kenyan audience a decade ago. People were not used to seeing a woman own her sexuality and here was Getty (as she is affectionately known) teaching women reverse cowgirl tips. She's famous for using Mombasa raha as an euphemism for orgasms and her sessions are known to be light-hearted and fun.
Harriet Scott (AKA Kenyan Ssenga)
Harriet Scott, popularly known as the Kenyan Ssenga, is the proprietor of  Nefetari living a sex and relationship wellness company. Kenyan Ssenga is very media-savvy and she makes sex extremely approachable. She is all about body positivity and about sexual intimacy not being only about penetration.
Maurice Matheka
Maurice Matheka is known for his rather unfiltered advice when it comes to sex. He is not known for using euphemisms and uses rather animated language even on National TV. A favorite in stag and hen parties around Nairobi, Maurice is a certified professional with over 20 years experience in helping couples get there.
Cathy Holden 
Cathy Holden has a BSc & MSc in Psychology from the University of East London and is currently pursuing her PhD in Clinical Sexology at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology (IICS), based in the USA. She is a sex columnist writer for Love Matters Africa; & uses the name "Katya The Sex Therapist, Kenya" and is famed for her sound, intimate advice and one-on-one consultancy to help couples spice things up.
Prof Joachim Osur 
Prof Joachim Osur is a renowned sexual and reproductive health clinician, sexologist and sex coach. He is a medical doctor registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board and registered with the World association of Sex Coaches. Prof Osur is popular with married couples looking to bring back the spark to the bedroom.

Here are things to note before booking that session

Sex therapy tends to be pretty action-oriented, so your therapist will probably give you specific exercises for you and your partner to do together on your own time. Then you'll talk about what happened in your next session, and get a new set of exercises going forward. Typically, this type of therapy tends to be more short-term. If you have deeper issues that you're interested in exploring in detail, you and your partner may end up wanting to pursue this work for longer.
And finally, know that sex therapy should never include nudity or touch between the therapist and the client.

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