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Top 10 Modelling Agencies in Kenya

11 Dec 2015 | By Wangechi Maina

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya
A Little Star Agency model walking the runway

A modelling agency is a company that exclusively represents models to work for the fashion industry for a commission agreed on with the models. They provide models to designers, photographers and advertising agencies for promotional campaigns in print, film or other avenues. 

They find work for models, book jobs, bill them and pay the models for their time allowing models to solely focus on the modelling and not the business end of the industry.

Agencies in Kenya are not much different but their modus operandi varies from one to another and there are tons. Check out our top 10 list:

1| Surazuri Casting and Consultancy Limited

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya

Kenyan model Lyndsey McIntyre's Surazuri is the most reputable modelling agency in East Africa and perharps one of the oldest having been established in 1987. It held the Kenyan license for the Ford Models Supermodel of the World competition for almost a decade and launched the international careers of renowned Kenyan models Tess Njuhi, Eva Ndachi and Ajuma Nasenyana; Sura Zuri remains Ajuma's mother agent. It's work has been in numerous television and magazine features; fashion and media campaigns; runways and events globally.

2| City Models Africa Modeling Agency

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya

This first-ever international model agency in Africa is a collaboration between City Models Paris and Kenyan supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana.City aims to represent, manage and grow careers across Africa. And not just models, but actors and celebrities too. CMA has an impressive portfolio that includes editorial features in five issues of Couture Africa magazine and tens of television commercials that include the Safaricom Jazz Festival 2014; Safaricom Bonyeza Ushinde Promotion; and KCB Homecoming.

3| Imandy Models

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya

This is the home of most of the faces on your favourite television commercials including Nivea, Safaricom 4G and Fresha Yuppi Yougurt. Registered in February 2009, it's based at the Protege Center on the 16th floor of View Park Towers, Utalii Lane, Monrovia Street Nairobi. Imandy casts models both male and female models aged from 1 to 80 years old. In addition it offers ushering and hostessing services for corporate events.

4| Hisi Uzuri Agency: Plus Size Models

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya

Plus Size is beautiful and Hisi Uzuri provides an avenue for plus size models to show just that through personal shoots or commissioned campaigns.

5| Little Star Children Modeling Academy

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya

Located on Ngong Road, Nairobi Little Star is a safe place for kids to be kids and for them to showcase various designs put together just for them.

6| The Tianar Models Foundation Kenya

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya

Beauty Meets Charity in this agency that aims at protecting models from exploitation in the line of work. It gives back to society by devising ways of engaging the lsess privileged in community through their talent and fashion projects and encouraging its models to carry these on.

Tianar is also involved in event production,  coordination and other related areas of client service.

7| Panaito Models

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya

Panaito is located on the 3rd floor of Unafric House on Koinange Street. Apart from agency services, it's also known for photography and connecting industry creatives like makeup artists to studios that need their services.

8| Jumbosound Modeling Agency

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya

Born to a record label parent company, Jumbosound is giving aspiring models between the ages of 15 and 25 a chance to train, polish and represent them in the industry into 2016. It's located on Kangundo Road.

9| Taty’s Agency: Modeling and Fashion

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya

This agency lets its highly professional and artsy photos speak for it.

10| Bicfest Models and Talent Company Africa

KenyaBuzz Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Kenya

With a strong following of over 100,000 on Facebook, this Moi Avenue based agency is also povides advertising, photography and event planning services.

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