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The Very Kosher Sex of Politics

27 Oct 2015 | By The Weatherman

Originally Published - Oct.10, 2013
The Very Kosher Sex of Politics

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is guilty to some degree of looking at some kind of dirty picture or video online. For some reason, people seem to have a strange fascination with what and how other people are getting down and dirty. While not everyone is subscribing to websites that bring this sinful activity straight to their inbox, we all know someone, somewhere at any given time is sneaking a peak at something dirty.

However, unlike porn where you have actors such as Wesley Pipes (it’s all about the puns) who are people you don’t know or would ever run into there is now the little matter of sex tapes. We love our smartphones and all kinds in between because as long as it can take a picture we can view your sinful activities online. Kim Kardashian, now a mom and Kanye West’s significant other started her career doing the nasty with rapper Ray J. Paris Hilton has the tape One Night in Paris (again, the puns) and plenty of other celebrities have similar shameful and very public records of their sexcapades.

Still, is it interesting enough to get people all the way in Kenya buzzing? Unfortunately, we have ADHD as a society and our attention can only be held for so long. That is, of course, until someone you actually stood in line and voted for comes out with her very own dirty pics.

No doubt by now you’ve heard about women’s representative Rachel Shebesh and senator Mike Sonko getting political in the bedroom. Hotel room? This is not important. What seems to be however is the fact that they took pictures of their post-coital bliss which has now found its way out into the world also known as the internet. Each day I log on there’s one more scandalous happening, and quite frankly a little off putting than the one before.

For me, what is offensive isn’t the fact that they took the pictures or that they’re out there. I don’t even care that she’s married and this man is not her husband. It’s just that the pictures are so, well, boring. I love a good scandal and this one seems to have it all. If Beyoncé had a sextape come out today I would be first in line because genuinely, I am curious about her bedroom antics. She’s beautiful, talented and hella sexy. I want to know what she’s doing that keeps Jay Z there! Hardly have I ever thought I would want to see either Shebesh or Sonko have sex. Not once. There’s never been a moment when I have thought to myself, “That’s the kind of politics I want to see.”

Am I saying that I’m offended by the pictures because I don’t find the people in them interesting? Well, yes. To make matters worse, it didn’t even ignite the faintest spark in me. They were boring. And here I was thinking politicians are dirty in just about everything they do. Turns out, in the bedroom, they’re as regular as a married couple that has been stung by the 7 year itch.

What I’m monitoring closely now is the aftermath because with husbands and political careers on the line, this story is about to get even more interesting. But for the love of all that is good, I pray no more photos come out.
Welcome to the only place in Kenya more fun than your bedroom.
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