Frank continues to deceive the Diaz-Ayalas as he plans his revenge against them. Frank held a grudge against Reinaldo for taking Elena from him, the woman he had always loved. He therefore befriended him hoping for a chance to get his revenge. He turned out to be the person Reinaldo trusts the most, unaware that he has been plotting against him all along.
Franc worked with Octavio Laguna, Reinaldo's other nemesis, in order to take Reinaldo down. Octavio's vendetta also involved a woman; his wife who had an affair with Reinaldo and left him. He kidnapped Elena and asked Reinaldo for ransom money but he was betrayed by Frank, who killed him and took the money. Pablo was blamed for the crime and is now a fugitive after escaping from prison.
Frank used the money to invest in Agro-Ayala, pretending to save the company from the financial ruin that Reinaldo had left it in. Frank then had Elena sign over her shares at Agro-Ayala to him. He also convinced Reinaldo to transfer all his property to Frank's name so that he would not lose it during his divorce with Elena.
How far will Frank go before he gets caught? Find out more on NTV Kenya, every Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm.

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