After Pablo came clean and revealed that he was not Lucas, the search for the real Lucas continued and we finally know that Ringo Martinez is actually Lucas!
Luna had kidnapped Lucas 20 years after his wife went missing, to get back at Reynaldo. He intended to kill the boy but was not able to do it. He therefore ordered his henchman, Salvatierra, to be the one to kill him. Unable to do it too, Salvatierra ended up adopting Lucas and went into hiding. He  told Lucas that his parents had passed away and that was why he could not return home. He changed Lucas' name to Mario and married  Yurianna. The three of them build a happy family together.
Unfortunately, Salvatierra got ill after having worked for the Diaz-Ayala company that produces harmful agrochemicals. Ringo joined the company as a gardener, hoping to find evidence against the company but he did it behind his parents' back. Salvatierra tried to stop Ringo from getting involved with the Diaz-Ayalas but eventually had to come confess and tell him about his real identity.
Did you expect Ringo to be Lucas? You can follow "The Return of Lucas" on NTVKenya from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm to find out more about Ringo's story.

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