Reinaldo is now exposed after everyone found out that Pablo is not Lucas. Cardenas was able to find the real Lucas with the help of Pablo and Cata.
Reinaldo had hoped to hide his involvement in Lucas' kidnapping after Cardenas found photos of the day Lucas was kidnapped, hence hired Pablo to pretend to be Lucas. Meanwhile, Ringo was with Mario, the man who kidnapped him and raised him as his own.
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With the truth revealed, Elena has finally decided to leave Reinaldo. But even after finding her son, things are still not easy for her. Ringo is not happy to know that he is a Diaz-Ayala and is not ready to accept his real family. He has a grudge against them because the chemicals from their company are what ailed and killed Mario, the man he considers his father.
Reinaldo tried to reason with Ringo by claiming that he should not be mourning the man who kidnapped him and took him away from his family. This however only served to make Ringo more hostile towards him.
Will the Diaz-Ayala family find a way to reconcile with each other now that they have found the real Lucas? Find out more on "The Return of Lucas" airing on NTV Kenya from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm

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