The Diaz-Ayalas were finally reunited with their long lost son after Lucas reappeared. His mother, Elena, was the happiest to see her son return but the other members in the family were skeptical. Lucas’ father, Reynaldo, decided to get a DNA test to make sure that Lucas was who he claimed to be. It came back positive and Elena could not be happier. Meanwhile, Juan, their youngest son refused to believe that the man who suddenly appeared was his brother so he chose to leave the house and went to stay with his grandfather. The most affected amongst them however, was Catalina. Catalina and Lucas met at a party a day before he appeared at her house claiming to be her brother. The two hit things off immediately and had great chemistry together. They were however shocked to find out that they are siblings. Cata has been quiet about meeting Lucas previously and is suffering silently because she harbors romantic feelings for him. How do you think the story of Lucas and Cata will unfold? Keep following “The Return of Lucas” on NTV Kenya from Monday to Wednesday at 8:00 pm

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