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‘The Nice Guys’ Review: LA’s Best Private Investigators

23 Jun 2016 | By Lisa Mugera

nice guys

They say that nice guys finish last, but not when it comes to these guys. Set in the late 70’s, the ‘The Nice Guys’ is about two private investigators who try to unveil the truth behind the murder of a popular porn star. But there’s only one problem: the closer they get to the truth, the more people end up dying.

Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is the down-on-his-luck private eye who’s hired by an old lady to look for his niece whose been missing for a while. Meanwhile, a young lady named Amelia hires Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe), an enforcer who hurts people for a living, to beat March up. Fate then turns these two into unlikely partners after Amelia mysteriously disappears.

This modern ‘bromance-buddy’ comedy is extremely funny. It’s the perfect popcorn-popping thigh-slapping movie to watch with friends.  For a movie set in the 70’s, ‘The Nice Guys’ has a sexy burlesque feel, while the cinematography is full of beautiful montage shots of the retro L.A landscape.

The movie is also pretty dumb. But dumb can also be fun. Mr. March is seen as a drunk who loves to have fun and just when everyone seems to have given up on him, he gives the best clues yet, showing that he’s definitely a guru in his job, in as much us his personal life is messed up.

However, there are too many villains in this movie. At some point, it’s hard to know whose fighting who, for which team and at what point. Also, the protagonists seem to  conveniently ‘survive’ from heavy gun-shot battles every too often, making the viewer wonder just how lucky one can be.

‘The Nice Guys’ by far, is one of the funniest action-packed movies of all time. I rate it a 4 out of 5.
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