Rafael finally forgive Fernanda for everything after he was able to prove that she was telling the truth. Fernanda showed Rafael the documents with Santiago's forged signatures that gave Octavio the power to take his ranch. Rafael however wanted to know how Fernanda had identified Octavio as her attacker if his face had been covered. Fernanda told him it was because of the bull necklace he always wore, the one Octavio passed down to him. She also confessed that she was the one who shot him because of the necklace and mistook him as the attacker.
Meanwhile, Octavio became frustrated as his plans to take away Leticia's money fell apart. He ordered Carmelo to kill her and he agreed to do it. Carmelo however warned Leticia and told her that everything Fernanda had accused Octavio of was true. He asked her to be careful of Octavio.
With nothing going his way, Octavio's last result was to attack Fernanda. He went to see her at the New Dawn ranch but Rafael appeared in time to save her. He denounced Octavio as his father and protected Fernanda. Octavio still shot Fernanda but he ended up getting shot by Carmelo, who went there to help them. Wounded, Octavio escaped and swore to return to take his revenge on Fernanda.
After Octavio disappeared, Fernanda and Rafael got back together and it was a happy ending for them. Cesar decided to leave and start his life anew while Leticia and German hinted at starting a relationship together.
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