Fernanda's mission is finally complete after she exposed Octavio's crimes to Leticia and Rafael but things did not go as she had planned.
After Octavio's plans to be with Fernanda failed, he told Rafael and Leticia that she had tried to seduce him but failed. He also said that she had an affair with Cesar. Fernanda had already found the documents she needed to prove that Octavio had killed Santiago to attain his land and hoped that they would be enough proof for Rafael. When she went to tell him, Rafael refused to believe her. He was also hurt after he found out that she married him to take revenge against Octavio.
Since Octavio had already built a defense for everything Fernanda would accuse him of, Fernanda tried to ruined his credibility by revealing his affair with Julia. She had a video of them together and showed it to Rafael and Leticia. Octavio had no option but to admit to the affair but insisted that the other accusations were false.
Fernanda begged Leticia and Rafael to listen to her and at least look at the documents she had brought as evidence.  Will they believe her? Will she be able to win back Rafael's affection?
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