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‘The Great Wall’ Review: A Feast For The Eyes

24 Feb 2017 | By Eva Gachoka

The Great Wall Movie Review

Set once upon a time, The Great Wall weaves a legend of two westerners, William (Matt Damon) and Tovar (Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal) who are captured by the Chinese army while on a quest for valuable and seemingly illusive black powder used as gun powder.

They find themselves in China at a pivotal time as the soldiers, led by Commander Lin (Jing Tian), prepare for war against the Tao Tie which are green lizard-like monsters that haunt them every sixty years to punish them for the greed of the Emperor.

The very first action scene is by far the most riveting as the Chinese army get in formation to fight the threat against humanity. Between their battle regalia and the acrobatic movements of the spear-wielding female warriors, I was in awe.

The Great Wall Movie Review

The story is secondary to the intense and amazingly choreographed battle scenes. The plot is almost a by the way feature of the film. William and Tovar meet a fellow captive, Ballard, who is the key to accessing the army’s black powder. William soon faces a moral dilemma between helping the soldiers and stealing from them.

Matt Damon’s performance is uncharacteristically dull. His attempt at an Irish accent is no better. The other actors’ characters are quite underdeveloped; Ballard seems to be inserted as an attempt to explain why Commander Lin could speak English and Tovar’s is merely to create a conundrum for William.

But what will matter most to the audiences is that The Great Wall is a visual spectacle. It is clear to see where its $150 million budget was spent. For an extra mind-blowing experience, watch it in IMAX 3D.

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