What would you do if someone told you that a flying taxi is going to carry you across town, or, that a drone is going to deliver your pizza order to your doorstep? You'll probably tell them to quit watching too many movies, right?
But, it's true that we're edging ever closer to the high-tech future that sci-fi movies dream up.
Kenya opening up the use of drones for recreational, commercial, and private activities, could come with it a wealth of possibilities and opportunities. These are just some of the awesome applications that drones will have in the near future.
Medical supplies: Rwanda is a good benchmark owing to the fact that it has made over 1,000 successful blood deliveries to its blood transfusion centers. Kenya can now also pounce on this opportunity and get set to deliver medical supplies and vaccines to the most remote of locations using drones.
E-commerce: Shipping and delivery of goods and products ordered online can be more efficient, cheaper and quicker if this opportunity is explored.
Disaster management: When disaster strikes, the extent of the damage can be assessed using camera-bearing drones.
Agriculture: Multi-spectral sensors mounted on drones not only cut a clear picture of how crops perform through thermal imaging, but also give real-time insight to farmers which is then used to apply water and fertilizer to only the affected areas of the farm. Spraying drones are more efficient and quicker, designed to avoid overspray risk. Moreover, drones can be used in planting more seeds in lesser time.
Geographic mapping: Through drones, footage of areas with inaccessible terrain is acquired and it goes a long way in geographic mapping.
Pollination: As bee population declines across the world, scientists have been copying nature to develop pollination drones that replicate bees' role in pollination, assisting both the real bees and human farmers.
Drones have the potential to improve our daily lives, but the current regulations governing drone operations as proposed in the Civilian Aviation Act (Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems Regulations, 2017), are still complex and unfriendly.
Are you a private drone operator in Kenya? Tell us what you use your drone for on twitter using #DronesKe

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