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The Fridge

13 Nov 2014 | By Steven Price Brown

Adventure kenya cottage countryside

I’ve moved, well actually to be more precise, we’ve moved. The Hockey Captain and I have upped camp and moved to a cottage that lies in a forest, which in turn lies on the slopes of the grand Mount Kenya. I am feeling as smug as smug can be and awoke this morning to sunshine, blue skies and a view of the glorious peaks. Did I mention that I am smug?

I have a fridge that seems only a little bit smaller than the apartment I’ve just moved out of, I have more rooms than I have furniture to fill and I have a garden that has a pond. And it’s a real pond, not just a wet puddle full of mosquitoes that a real estate agent claimed is a pond. This has fish and bubbles and is perfectly pond dirty. I wanted to swim in it when I first got here, but the Hockey Captain gave me that look that she no doubt gives to her students and I knew that I’d have to sneak off some time in the future holding swimming trucks.

But oh my god, the neighbours... not the two legged “Would you like to come over for a drink” type, no, the six or eight legged type that have called this building home, for the many months while it has been renovated. So, last night, as soon as I put on the light the place was ransacked, it seemed that every bug known to mountain and mankind tried to storm the house. I had towels under the door, I was stuffing toilet paper in the gaps in the windows and still, they came. I really don't mind dudu’s but damn when walking across the kitchen floor sounds like you’re walking on maltesers, it really becomes too much.

Oh and added to that, we were camping in the same room. So after deciding to turn the lights off and settle down to the open fire and sleep on the mattress on the floor, we had all out new friends crawling up our legs to welcome us, how wonderfully cute.

We were both up, jumping, slapping our skin to rid ourselves of our unwanted bed guests and Operation De-dudu began. I picked up hundreds of the little buggers with makeshift boxes and contraptions around and spent the next half hour ridding our new home, throwing them off the veranda; sorry guys, no rent no bed. I’m going have to get used to this new, out in the wilderness lifestyle.

I’m quite hardy, I've spent weeks at a time in the bush, up mountains etc, but I’m still to fully find my feet. We woke up and found the mighty fridge wasn’t humming, we had no electricity through the sockets so the Hockey Captain couldn’t write whatever she was writing and I couldn’t charge my phone which would have meant that I wouldn’t be able to text people to inform them of my smugness or be able to put even smugger pictures up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other medium I could find to annoy people.

Stress ensued, until I asked the local guy, “Why isn’t the electric on? Is there a problem?” my voice getting higher at the end through potential panic. He looked at me quizzically, turned his head to the side and walked past me, into a room that I didn't know existed, up to the fuse box, flicked the fuse.

The fridge started humming, whoops...

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