The odds seem ever against Victoria’s favor. She was unfortunate to have spent eight years of her life in jail for something she did not do and as soon as she was released, she took the chance to train and achieve her dream of becoming a gold medalist for her country. At first, these seemed like the worst thing she would have to face but things seem to be getting worse from the first day to the next. She was naïve enough to get herself married to Andres who only wanted her to stay at home and be satisfied with being a house wife. Her assertiveness however won out in the end because Andres soon annulled their marriage after he realized that he could no longer stop Victoria. When Victoria got to Mexico city to train, she became one of the coaches trainees because  she is really talented but her sneakers got all torn so Victoria had to find a job to be a able to afford new ones. It was a simple problem at the time and Doctor Raul was thoughtful enough to give her a job as his secretary. Things were moving on well and it finally seemed like Victoria was well on her way to her gold medal dreams until something else went wrong! Elsa, Doctor Raul’s daughter visited the hospital in a psychotic rage and hurt Victoria’s leg. Victoria had to undergo surgery on her broken leg and the doctor said that she might never be able to run again. Victoria refuses to come into terms with this reality and believes that she will get better. With all the misfortune surrounding Victoria, do you think she will be able to get back to running and achieve her dream?  

About The Author


Jacqueline is a former KenyaBuzz employee.

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