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The Dummies’ Guide to Nairobi Diaries

14 Jan 2016 | By Nasidai Kidali

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Nairobi Diaries is a reality show; a first of its kind in Kenya. Here is the deal...

- There are at least 7 episodes available so far with a cast of 6 women.

- It has extremely long scenes with bad sound quality, not forgetting shaky camera angles.

- The show is centred on Vera Sidika (not her real name); they should call it the Vee Diaries.

- Yes, she (Vera) will twerk holding on to a stripper pole in one of the episodes (In my head appearances in clubs are supposed to be a bit more classy; Scott Disick classy not the Cristal with a K is performing 'classy' ).

Cast Overview

1. Vee S Beiby Diaries


| She is the star; the richer one (has plans to buy a house).

| She is the sassy one and the one everyone loves to hate (shows up late for pedicure dates).

| Most of the cast wants to be like her (Pendo bought Vera’s infamous knock off Christian Louboutin shoes).

| She has a dark complexion in the first episode but after that, her ‘white girl problems’ begin.

| She cares a lot about her looks and is always defending herself.

| She drank and drove after a stripper pole stunt. Headlights be damned!

 2. Pendo

image: youtube

| She gossips, she hates.

| She loved it when people talked about her ass (remember her from the Davido gossip?).

| She thought that buying knock off CL shoes will prove that Vera is a fake wannabe.

| She will certainly hook up with her ‘best friend’ lad in one of the future episodes.

| She is loud and annoying.

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3. Kiki


image: youtube

| She is an architect.

| She is the sane one (so far!).

| She will have you asking yourself, ‘What are you doing on that show?’ But... maybe she just wants to sell the rest of the cast some houses.

4. Ella

| She is cute and nice.

| She is an alleged singer.

| She should try spending some money in one of the ‘Nairobi Diaries shopping sprees’.

| She was totally drunk on episode 4. Thank God she is not an alcoholic; she is just a former drug addict.

5. Silvia Njoki

| Yes... the fashion blogger!

| Very soft spoken.

| She is Vera’s friend on the show.

| Girl, what are you doing on that show? Or... Maybe she is just there to give the rest of the cast some fashion tips.

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6. Gertrude Murunga


| She is from USIU... (Is that the only thing you identify with, Gertrude?)

| Her split personality is called ‘Getty’ but she mainly behaves like the suffix of her first name.

| She is loud and confident.

| She might make this ‘transitional home’ thing a THING!

| She honestly thinks that they actually sell real pearls cheaply in the streets.

7. Molly

| Girl loves her Irish coffee. PS: her name has no relations to that 'Miley Cyrus drug'.

| She is not friends with anyone on the show... We are not sure if she is officially part of the cast.

| She is sassy but needs some lessons in pulling it off.

| We don’t understand why Getrude calls her ‘heifer’.

8. Marjolein Blokland
Majoline Blokland


| She is a trainer.

| She wears her natural hair.

| She has yet to figure out why the rest of the cast only wants to talk about Vera!

| We felt like you cheated Majoline when you admitted that you are ‘only there to observe’.

Catch Nairobi Diaries on K24 where all the ratchet will be served HOT!

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