The Candidate is highlighting themes such as married life and infidelity which strongly stand out in the show. One of the marriages that are under heavy scrutiny is that one of the star character Regina and Alonso.
They've been married for close to 20 years, but the flame has been dimming each year. They are both politicians and between their hectic schedules, they barely have time to see each other. Regina's political career is, however, more successful and Alonso seems to be riding heavily on her image so that he can win the presidency.
Regina has made it clear that she wants to separate from Alonso, but there's a lot of pressure on her to show a united front in aid of Alonso's presidential bid. This is keeping in mind that she was forced to shelve her own presidential ambitions - which she was favourite for - in favour of Alonso.
Alonso absolutely refuses to grant Regina the divorce because his political career is strongly dependent on her. Regina was, however, able to get the grounds to file for divorce when she caught Alonso cheating on her with Lorena. This was through Cecelia's help; Alonso's other mistress who tipped Regina to appear at Alonso's office at a time she knew he would be entertaining Lorena.
Regina did not let Alonso give her any explanations; immediately jumping at the chance to file for divorce now that she had enough reason. What makes this situation ironic is that Regina was quite offended by Alonso's cheating when she herself has had an ongoing affair with Gerardo.
Alonso is determined to keep Regina by his side at all costs and now the question is, will Regina finally leave him? What do you think?
Mary Njehia is an ardent watcher of soap operas and telenovelas.
She runs Kenya Meets The Philippines, a blog for Kenyans who love Filipino entertainment.

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