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The Top 5 Kenyan Rock Bands

24 Apr 2015 | By Nasidai Kidali

In Kenya when someone says that a song by a Kenyan artist does not sound Kenyan; it is meant as a compliment. It means that a song has a different beat from the normal Kapuka beats that most of us can drum to or different lyrics from the usual shallow nakupenda lakini lyrics that we are used to. The situation with art/music support in Kenya is BAD! We don’t know where to start the love affair with our music and art.  

Some critics will tell you that we don’t have enough talent in Kenya, some will say that we don’t have enough platforms to support upcoming artist or that Kenyans simply don’t support their own. I believe that there is little truth in all these statements and I especially agree with the lack of platforms that promote upcoming artist in Kenya. I don’t agree that Kenyans luck talent and this is why...

1 | Murfy's fLaw

They do alternative rock. Members of the band include: Reemit who contributes to the lead vocals, No 9 who is the lead guitar player and also contributes to the vocals, Punky Monkey who plays the rhythm guitar, Jojo who plays the keyboards and contributes to the bass vocals, Jozie who plays the bass and Vicky who plays the drums.

My favourite song from Murfy's Flaw band has got to be In the Silence from the 'Hello Light' album realesed in 2011. I first heard the hit song on XFM, and it was a wrap for me and my 2G internet bundles. Give it a try...

Facebook: Murfy's fLaw

2 | Jahawi & Kevin Samuel

I honestly don't know who they are but I know their hit song word for word. I am not yet convinced that the song is Kenyan even though one of the band members Kevin is quite recognizable from the popular TV series Mali. (It's a compliment guys).

Facebook: Jahawi & Kevin Samuel

Listen to this:

3 | ParkingLotGrass

Their genre of music is hard rock and alternative metal. The band members incude: Duncan Muriira who does the lead vocals, Victor who plays the guitar and also contributes to the vocals, Alistair who plays the guitar/ contributes to the vocals, Amos who plays the bass guitar and Nick Wathi who plays the drums.

They are responsible for the rock remix of 'Kare' by Frasha. If you dont know them by now, pack your bags and flee Kenya because you are betraying the rockworld.

Facebook: ParkingLotGrass

4 | Simply Tomas

Kama hangeimba wimbo huu kwa lugha ya Kiswahili mimi ningelithani kwamba yeye ni mtu wa majuu (lol). He does everything in the band, from playing instruments to the vocals. You may remember him from his hit song 'Tafadhali'... Lakini wimbo huu utakuchangamsha kwani ni moto moto!!

Facebook: Simply Tomas

5 | Koinange Street Avengers

Love the band name. It conjures images of whatever fun goes on around the infamous street, mixed with superheroes from the movie. Mind blown! What a cocky name. The band does indie rock and this is one of their best songs:

Facebook: Koinange Street Avengers

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