KB: You have a new song out and it's dope! Tell us about that
My new song is called 'Kitoko'. It's a Lingala term for the word 'beautiful'. The song is between myself and an artist called L Rice (a Congolese, formerly from Ferre Gola crew) who decided to go independent. 'Kitoko' is a fusion of two genres, Lingala and RnB.
KB: Who produced and directed 'Kitoko'?
It has been produced by Linksasa Universal with Saint P being the main producer of the song. J Blessing, a Kenyan video director shot it.
KB: Ah nice, how did you and L Rice meet for the project?
We met in Nairobi actually. This is a project my creative team and I had been thinking about venturing in another market. Not many artistes in Kenya have ventured into the francophone countries except Sauti Sol. We had options such as Fally Ipupa, Koffi Olomide and Ferre Gola himself but L Rice had something unique about him.
KB: How long did the 'Kitoko' project take you guys?
We actually started recording in December, 2018.Members of my creative team told me L Rice would be doing a session at Saint P's studio so we went and met them together with J Blessing, put forth contributions in a boiling pot and came up with 'Kitoko'.
KB: Would you say it was an in and out project?
No, it wasn't. Actually L Rice changed the lyrics almost three times as he kept re-writing every single time we went back to studio, he's a perfectionist.
KB: 'Kitoko' also has a lyric video, what informed that decision?
We released the video and a follow up lyric video the next day. Reason was, a lot of people wanted to follow the lyrics to the song. We had a few people listen to the song before it came out officially to get their views and they wanted to understand the lyrics, we then incorporated the lyric video idea.
KB: The song has been out for six days now and garnered over 130,000 views on YouTube. How do you feel about that?
I'm so excited as this is by far one of my videos that has picked up very fast! I released 'In Love' five months ago and 'Kitoko' is catching up. Hopefully, they'll all grow together.
KB: What inspired the video concept for 'Kitoko'?
The concept was developed by myself and J Blessing. I write a lot of my scripts. The song showcases this guy who meets a 'chick' at the mall, he comes in and is so completely different that he makes me re-think what I actually want in a guy.As much as I wanted that to actually happen,it was the concept we came up with.
KB: How have your fans reacted to 'Kitoko'?
It's been great! For them to actually appreciate Lingala, I love it.
KB: Last word to your fans.
#TeamAvril, I don't take you for granted. It's very humbling for you to consume content I produce.
Any more projects we should expect in 2019?
Of course! I have partnered with Linksasa universal, who are now basically in charge of brand Avril and we have an amazing game plan for 2019 so keep watch.

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