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‘Suits’ Series Review: Of Court & Lawyers

01 Sep 2016 | By Lisa Mugera


Suits season 6 is here, with 8 episodes out already. The series starts with a bang, as Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is sentenced to prison for being a fake lawyer. Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and the others are working on borrowed time, as they try to find a way to get Mike out of prison.

Meanwhile, Mike’s beautiful fiancée (Meghan Markle) is advised to take a case to help her focus on something else other than Mike’s imprisonment. She then takes a case to prove that her client, whose been sentenced to the death row, is innocent.

When it comes to matters of the heart, love takes a central stage this season. We get to have a front view of all the cast members struggling with their respective partners and trying to make their relationships work. But love matters turn out to be more sour and less sweet.

Suits does a great job at entertaining its viewers, with the script having lots of twists and turns to it. Just when the shrewd lawyers think that they’ve hit a jackpot, another unforeseeable challenge creeps up and they find themselves back to square one. And while the show had over the previous seasons had a decline in viewership, season 6 has successfully managed to come back with a big bang.

Needless to say, Mike does a fantastic job at showing just how much of a pro he is when it comes to the law. Even while he ends up in jail for masquerading as a lawyer, the legal prodigy is the only one who ends up cracking the code to the biggest case yet. Ironic, right?


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