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10 Pretty Funny AF Tweets About Beyoncé's Pregnancy

02 Feb 2017 | By Levis Ryan

Incase you still haven't gotten the news, because you live on Mars or something, her Royal Highness Beyoncé announced her second pregnancy with TWINS on Instagram and people are freaking out. 

1. This person who like Kylie Jenner, realized stuff

2. This person who finally applied algebra in a real life situation

3. This person who realized Beyoncé is low-key petty AF

4. This person who has valid religious beliefs

5. This person who's about to start their own conspiracy theory club

6. This person who's caught on to Bey's sneaky tactics

7. This person that definitely won't feature in the next Kardashian Christmas Card

8. This person who's been dying to use this Bush pic since the inauguration

9. This person that's totally woke

10. And finally this


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