The Rundown Sleeping Warrior is a 2021 Kenyan documentary feature film about the first female African Lacrosse team. It is directed by Janet Wells and Mwaura Timothy, and produced by both Wells and Nina Ruiz. The film follows these young sportswomen from their homes in Kenya to the World Championships in Canada and shows how an unimaginable opportunity has transformed their humble lives. The title comes from a mountain the girls train under in Kenya called Sleeping Warrior and is a symbol for how these young women are strong, yet have been oppressed their whole lives. The Review Discipline and teamwork are at the core of Sleeping Warrior's opening minutes -two themes that establish the tone of this Kenyan sports film from the outset. It plays out like a well-scripted fiction, despite being based on real-life stories. The film easily gets the audience invested in the young ladies' attempts at getting a sense of purpose through lacrosse as a sport. The film is very emotionally moving and the audience becomes invested in the outcomes of the young women. The audience laughed and cried along with the team members as they faced each trial and tribulation.  The Hits * The great cinematography made for better visual storytelling of the film. * Considerable amount of lacrosse action. The Misses * We see some of the girls' lives back in Kenya after their trip to Canada but the story had to end somewhere so we are left to guess what has become of them. OMG Moment * The heartbreak scene. Sleeping Warrior is currently showing in cinemas. Click here to get your tickets from KenyaBuzz.

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