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‘Silicon Valley’ Series Review

17 Dec 2015 | By Tim Mworia | @timworia

‘Silicon Valley’ Series Review

“Jobs was a poser, he didn't even write code”. Yikes!

That one line should help you surmise what Silicon Valley is all about- flipping the bird to tech giants. But that's only half the fun. This HBO comedy series is fresh, bright and quietly hilarious in its satirical approach to the happenings inside tech's Mecca.

I say quietly hilarious because Silicon Valley is not written for a laugh track. It has a sort of sluggish pace to it- especially the first couple of episodes- but when it starts hitting, it goes for the hook. Kinda like a comedic rope-a-dope.

Creator Mike Judge worked as a Silicon Valley engineer in the late 1980s and the show is partially inspired by his own experiences there. The story itself chronicles Richard Hendricks, a talented and stereotypically shy programmer who builds the best compression algorithm ever seen at an incubator run by the most obnoxious (and high) techpreneur, Erlich Bachman. Problem, Richard might have inadvertently worked on some of his code from his workplace- a huge internet company called Hooli.

Richard is faced with a dilemma, which forms the basis of the first season; sell out and become an overnight millionaire or build his own Pied Piper empire, which is not as easy as it sounds. All this while navigating through his social awkwardness and a bunch of friends/partners who like a grenade are a safety pin away from blowing up the whole gig.

Silicon Valley is among the few comedy shows that have struck a perfect balance between funny and suspense. Think Big Bang Theory with a little sprinkling of The Social Network.

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