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"Seed" Series Review

07 Jun 2013 | By Andrew Onyango

It is ironically hilarious that the only thing missing from this series for it to become epically creepy is wedding rings.

Harry Dacosta is a bartender who spent the better part of his youth donating his sperm to sperm banks. Years after they have been “shared” with women looking for alternative ways of getting pregnant, Harry finds himself involved in the lives of several of “his children” including a woman currently pregnant by his seed.

Now, if he was married to all of them then that would be polyagmy. But because he isn’t we call it comedy.

No, no wedding rings. Instead, he is the father of a little boy being raised by a lesbian couple, a snippy teenage daughter being raised by a well to do couple and as earlier mentioned, he is helping a librarian deal with her pregnancy as well.

The show takes a very bold look at the reality of sperm donation and just how many copies have the capability of existing from one donor. It also pokes fun at the idea of having this donor involved in all of “his children’s” lives like some type of surrogate father. However, beyond the yuks there is a very real and very creepy underlying tone.

That being said, the show is hilarious. It has its basic sitcom scenarios but well blended with mature humor. None of the characters are well adjusted and most of the time Harry ends up looking like the sane one of them all.

It is one of those feel good shows where he ends up being the Mary Poppins in all their lives. The show is thirteen episodes strong but currently under review for continuation anywhere other than Canada where it was originated.

Andrew Onyango

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