The eagerly awaited season two of the Kenyan telenovela "Second Family" is set to make a blazing comeback. This Showmax original drama series will premiere on September 14th, with new episodes releasing every Thursday and Friday.
 Showrunner Mkamzee Mwatela promises an exhilarating experience for viewers as the captivating narrative unfolds. She states, "In this new season, we're aiming to leave a trail of excitement."
 In Season 2, the telenovela seamlessly resumes where it left off, delving deeper into the relentless struggle for control over the EAGC milling company. The stakes are higher than ever, especially with the unexpected return of an old patriarch. Meanwhile, the influential syndicate, comprising powerful businessmen, continues to take bold steps to safeguard their interests.
 The absence of Ian Mbugua, who portrayed Leo, has created a void that wreaks havoc on his family and friends. Tehi, fresh out of jail, must contemplate his next moves as the head of the Gatehi-Langat family, following his sister Gigi's wedding. Gigi herself, now married to her father's protégé, Cyrus, harbors a scandalous secret.
 Shei, who has uncovered her true heritage, strives to keep this truth hidden from her family. On the other hand, Sinde, now in charge of EAGC, is determined to exact revenge on the Gatehi-Langats, whom she blames for her misfortunes.
However, when tragedy strikes, Leo reemerges from the "dead," leaving his family and friends in shock. It quickly becomes evident that they are dealing with a changed man. This forces them to navigate a labyrinth of new family dynamics and ruthless succession battles.
 The cast of "Second Family" returns with familiar faces, including Dora Nyaboke as the ever-scheming Evangeline, Nick Ndeda as the wayward member of the Gatehi-Langat family, Tehi, Brian Ogola as Evangeline's ambitious partner in crime, Cyrus, and Vanessa Okeyo as Leo's once-presumed successor, Sinde. The ensemble also features Mumbi Maina, Stephanie Muchiri, Brian Abajah, Serah Wanjiru, Lewis Leshan, Florence Nduta, Derek Bbanga, Joyce Musoke, Sheila Ndanu, and Mary Mwikali.
 What sets Season 2 of "Second Family" apart is the "dramatic change in direction" compared to its predecessor, as stated by showrunner Mkamzee Mwatela. She expresses her excitement about the character development, saying, "We're throwing challenges at the characters and observing their responses. They've become real people to us now, and each one of them is struggling immensely just to get through life, sometimes just to get through the day."
 Mwatela also hints at the characters making questionable decisions that may have viewers shouting at their screens. Additionally, new and intriguing characters will be introduced to keep the storyline fresh and unpredictable.
 "Second Family" Season 2 is produced by Live Eye TV and directed by Edwin Kamau and King Muriuki. With its return on Showmax, fans can anticipate a rollercoaster of drama, intrigue, and suspense as the saga of the Gatehi-Langat family unfolds further.

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