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Expectant Mothers: Enough With The Ridiculous Baby Bump Pictures

10 Aug 2016 | By The Weatherman

Baby bump

I recently saw a picture a pregnant lady on Facebook. She had on a long sheer black veil, with an orange bra and matching undies. And hers weren’t the sexy-can’t-wait-to-strip-these-off-of-your-body matching underwear. Oh no. Far from it. She had on those mama-chama 200 bob grandma undies. The pic got like 300+ likes, 20 comments and about 5 shares.

Sigh. Why would anyone want to share a picture of a lady in ugly orange underwear showing us her baby bump?

Then I saw another utterly ridiculous one of a lady having a picnic at a garden where we can clearly see her stomach. Um, Okay. Why would a pregnant lady go to a picnic and open up her clothes just to expose her baby bump for the sake of some likes on social media?

I haven’t even started on the women who like to cut on their maternity-wear budgets and insist on fitting into their old clothes. What follows next is a pregnant lady walking around in a short dress (because the bump lifts the dress up), looking like a pregnant pro.

Then there’re the extemely awkward ones were there’s a pregnant lady exposing her bump and standing next to her baby daddy, who’s got a pot-belly the same size, if not bigger, as the pregnancy.

Now don’t get me wrong. Pregnancy bumps are super cute. But they’re only cute when they’re done right. You seriously can’t expect sexy and pregnancy to rhyme in the same sentence.

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