Nation Media is inviting high schoolers, pre-university teens to participate in the Nation Scholarship Initiative. The Nation Scholarship initiative is designed to empower individuals who are determined to make a mark in their chosen field. Express your candidacy by submitting a compelling photo or a brief video that sheds light on how the Ksh 80,000 scholarship can be a game-changer for your educational pursuits and career ambitions. Showcase your financial planning skills and demonstrate why you're the most deserving candidate to receive this boost.
Whether you're aspiring to conquer the world of business, technology, arts, or any other domain, this scholarship can provide the much-needed financial support to set you on the right track.
Seize this opportunity to showcase your determination and dedication. Your future begins with a step, and the Ksh 80,000 Nation Media Scholarship could be that transformative leap towards realizing your goals. Don't miss out - let your aspirations shape your journey to success! Sign up here.

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