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Pot Culture: The Meaning Behind Coveted Stoner Code, ‘420’

31 Aug 2016 | By The Weatherman


The pot head culture is a ‘deep’ one, only understood and practised by stoners. And by stoners, I mean those who participate in taking of the holy herb or in other words, ‘Marijuana’.

Now in our country, the herb is considered illegal. But in other places like Amsterdam, Canada and Jamaica, pot is considered legal and one can feel ‘at bliss’ whenever they desire.

So why is ‘420’ the stoners’ favourite number? And when exactly did it come up?

April 20th is officially the public holiday for stoners worldwide. One myth states that ‘Weed Day’ came about as a police code back in the late 70s’. The code was meant to serve as an alert that Marijuana smoking was in progress. The cops would then say, “Let’s go 420, dude!”

But another myth states that the cop story is a blatant lie. The real story, these nay-sayers believe, is that ‘420’ was coined by a bunch of five high school friends from San Rafael High School. They were known as the ‘Waldos’ — by virtue of their chosen hangout spot, a wall outside the school.

The famous five would meet every day at their spot after classes at 4.20pm to be exact, just to get stoned. There was no music, no speakers, no small talk, and no chants. Just a peaceful and revered silence as they got stoned. Little did the Waldos know that their small ritual would spread all over the school and later on, to the entire world.

So the next time a pot head announces, ‘Hey, 420!’ just remember the code word was coined from over four decades ago by a bunch of five high school friends. Or from some cops trying to bust guys 420-ing.

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