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Ranking All The Steamy Love Triangles Of ‘Passion And Power’

30 Mar 2017 | By Mary Njehia

Passion and Power Pasión y Poder Love Triangles

Passion and Power (Pasión y Poder) is the best telenovela currently airing on Kenyan TV. The show which airs on Citizen TV revolves around inter-personal dramas of two rival families – the Montenegro’s and the Gómez Luna’s. There is not a dull moment on this show, and it only gets better as it progresses.

Part of the reason it is a great show is that it has taken the time to develop good, dramatic story lines; not only for the leads, but for the extended cast as well. Some of my favourite’s are the love triangles. There are more of those than you can shake a stick at.

Here I rank all the dangerous liaisons that keep me glued to Passion and Power, night in and night out.

1. Eladio, Julia and Arturo
Passion and Power Pasión y Poder Love Triangles
This is the trio of leads for this show. Eladio Gómez Luna is married to Julia Vallado, but theirs is not a happy marriage. Julia is still in love with Arturo Montenegro – her ex who she once was engaged to but had to call it off after she discovered he cheated and got another woman pregnant. 20 years on, Julia’s and Arturo’s feelings towards each other are still burning strong, making Eladio tighten the leash on his wife. Apart from Eladio and Arturo being romantic rivals, they are also in fierce business competition; making them mortal enemies. Frequent scuffles always leave Julia caught in the middle.

2. Regina, David and Daniela
Passion and Power Pasión y Poder Love Triangles
Regina and David are living a classic Romeo and Juliet story, because Regina is Arturo’s daughter while David is Eladio’s son. The rifts between their families have not made it easy for their budding romance. But Regina and David have managed to make their relationship work, even engineering an icy truce between the families. But there is Daniela, Regina’s younger sister with whom David had a brief fling before he got involved with Regina. She is waging a personal crusade against their happiness and will stop at nothing to see a Regina and David break up. She might finally be able to do it after she asks David, in Regina’s presence, who he enjoyed making love to more!

3. Erick, Consuelo and Miguel
Passion and Power Pasión y Poder Love Triangles
Erick is married to Consuelo and had carried on an affair with Montserrat before she died. His relationship with his now pregnant wife suffered because of his infidelity, compounded by the fact that he always treated her with little regard. But guess who has always been there to defend Consuelo and wipe her tears away? Erick’s half-brother Miguel. Miguel’s deep feelings for his sister-in-law have become difficult to hide as the days go by. Practically everyone knows about it now… well, except for Consuelo of course.

4. Gaby, Franco and Marintia
Passion and Power Pasión y Poder Love Triangles
Gabriela is Julia’s niece while Franco is Eladio’s godson. Franco courted Gaby for ulterior motives. He recently proposed to her as a calculated move to be in on Eladio’s vast riches. As Eladio told him blatantly that he would never give him a single cent, Franco sees marriage to Gaby as the only way to secure his future. On the side, Franco is seeing Eladio’s secretary Marintia. Once, Gaby finds Marintia giving Franco a very satisfying massage but Marintia swiftly plays it out as an act of kindness for a hurt Franco. Although Gaby falls for it, she has not been able to forget the incident.

5. Francisco, Clara and Justino
Passion and Power Pasión y Poder Love Triangles
Clara is a janitress at Eladio’s firm and has been pining over her wary co-worker Francisco. Just after Francisco finally decides to upgrade Clara from the friend zone, he is assigned a four-month project in Tabasco which means that he has to go away. He takes Clara by surprise by asking her to go with him but Clara is hesitant because she does not want to leave Luisita alone (Luisita is the young daughter of Clara’s deceased best friend). Unbeknownst to Clara, her best friend’s widower, Justino, has been falling for her because of the support and kindness she has shown to both him and Luisita since his wife’s passing.

Which is your favorite love triangle and why? Catch Passion and Power on Citizen TV, every Saturday-Thursday at 10pm.
Mary Njehia is an ardent watcher of soap operas and telenovelas.
She runs Kenya Meets The Philippines, a blog for Kenyans who love Filipino entertainment.

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