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Police Abstract Forms Are Now Available FREE OF CHARGE

Please be informed that the following Police Forms/Abstracts are now available FREE OF CHARGE as downloads on the National Police Service website.

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Jeffrey Gettleman Writes About His Love Of Africa

The New York Times Bureau Chief for East Africa discusses his new memoir; Love, Africa.

‘Something Necessary’ Review

Movie Reviews
There are several moments in which emotion cannot be contained including a very cringe-worthy abortion scene which is guaranteed to haunt audiences for days.

Swahili Breakfast At Sarova Stanley: A Wonderful Taste Of The Coast

Restaurant Reviews
With a Head Chef boasting 25 years of culinary experience, it’s no understatement to say that Sarova Stanley will take you for an amazing journey of tasty delights with their new Swahili breakfast menu.

‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Review

Movie Reviews
Reckless and trivial, but still crazy fun.

The Guy Who Is Creating Kenya’s Own Super Mario Bros And Pokémon Go

Interviews , Tech Talk
He quit his lucrative bank job and now it’s paying off. But not before being broke, homeless and on the verge of breakdown.

Tin Roof Café At The Souk Is Karen’s Hidden Veggie Heaven

Restaurant Reviews
You'll quickly feel at home at Tin Roof Café – thanks to a menu that serves up fresh, organic, homemade dishes.

Top 10 Hot Events To Attend In April

Trending Topics
A guide to all the must-attend events of the month.

Top 10 Kenyan Wedding Photographers

Sex & Relationships
I feel like everything Kenyan wedding photography is Ben Kiruthi. I dare you to count how many times I mention his name in this list of top Kenyan wedding photogs.

Top 10 Modelling Agencies in Kenya

Fashion & Beauty
They find work for models, book jobs, bill them and pay the models, allowing them to solely focus on the modelling and not the business end of the industry.

Top 10 Online Car Shopping Sites

Auto Buzz
To satisfy these needs, online car bazaars have come up with a variety of solutions and a vast array of cars.

Top 10 Online Shopping Stores in Kenya

Fashion & Beauty
For all your needs including clothes, electronics, motor vehicles, household goods, anti-snoring straps (no-kidding) and many, many more.

Top 6 Problems Facing the Kenyan Music Industry

Being a big supporter of the Kenyan Music Industry, there are days I think about our industry and appreciate where it’s come from. However, there are many things ailing our industry and if they don't change, things will still remain the same.

Top 7 Kenyan Wedding Websites

Tech Talk
…Including a free-of-charge service courtesy of Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

Top 7 Online Dating Sites in Kenya

Sex & Relationships
Top online dating sites in Kenya where you can join to meet new people, make friends and maybe find love.

Turbo Tuesday: 10 Interesting Facts About the Toyota Vitz

Turbo Tuesdays
From around 2006, sightings of a small, cheap and manageable Toyota became frequent.

Turbo Tuesday: 10 Most Economical Cars to Own in Kenya

Turbo Tuesdays
You reach your legal driving age and reality quickly dawns on you. Sunsets, blondies and cars that attract them were probably a far-fetched idea.

Up Close With John Marshall Jones On Acting, Redemption, And Video Games

Recently KenyaBuzz had a chat with the star who gave us an interesting glimpse into his life on and off screen.

Whiskey Is Our Job

Meet the suave, whiskey-loving tandem bringing Tinie Tempah to town for the Jameson Connects concert.

Ziplining In The Kereita Forest: A Soaring Family Adventure Awaits

The Forest is an extraordinary adventure getaway that offers family-friendly activities including East Africa's longest zipline.