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Madaraka Express Tickets Now Available Online

Kenya Railways finally get their act together and launch online ticket sales.

Mohammed Hersi elected Kenya Tourism Federation Chair

Lucy Karume hands over KTF chair to Mohammed Hersi after AGM elections

Passion and Power: The Demise of Daniela and What It Means for David and Regina!

TV Buzz
Do you think the death of Daniela was necessary in order for David and Regina to get back together?

Plan Your Next Thrilling Escape in Nairobi: Escape Room Kenya

Interviews , Kids
Solve clues, riddles, puzzles and break out in 60 minutes.

Police Abstract Forms Are Now Available FREE OF CHARGE

Please be informed that the following Police Forms/Abstracts are now available FREE OF CHARGE as downloads on the National Police Service website.

Pride Month- Out and Proud

Sex & Relationships
June is pride month and we celebrate these out and proud Kenyans who are fearlessly embracing their sexual orientation.

'Still Star-Crossed' Review: A ShondaLand Flop 

Series Reviews
A show that dose well on diversity representation but not so much the storytelling.

Students Forced to Be Porn Actors

Sex & Relationships
Human traffickers recruit unsuspecting Ugandan university students with promises of good jobs in Kenya.

The Four Types of Cheating

Sex & Relationships
What does cheating mean to you? Sex with someone else? But for many people, there’s a lot more to being unfaithful than intercourse, recent research shows.

The Funniest Celebrity Falls

Celebrity Buzz
Celebrity falls that will leave you crying and cringing.

  • June 9, 2017

‘The Mummy’ Review: The Dark Universe Stumbles on Take Off

Movie Reviews
If you’re looking for an exhilarating watch, there’s nothing much to see here.

Top 10 Kenyan Patriotic Songs

How many of these can you hum to?

Top 10 Modelling Agencies in Kenya

Fashion & Beauty
They find work for models, book jobs, bill them and pay the models, allowing them to solely focus on the modelling and not the business end of the industry.

Top 10 Online Shopping Stores in Kenya

Fashion & Beauty
For all your needs including clothes, electronics, motor vehicles, household goods, anti-snoring straps (no-kidding) and many, many more.

Top 5 Best Cakes at the Cake Festival 2017

Food & Drink , Recipes
A list of must-try cakes from Cake Festival.

Top 6 Unique Models Who are Taking Over the Fashion Scene

Fashion & Beauty
The most unique models that are taking over the fashion scene and giving a new look to beauty.

Top 7 Online Dating Sites in Kenya

Sex & Relationships
Top online dating sites in Kenya where you can join to meet new people, make friends and maybe find love.

Top 7 Online Sex Toys Stores in Kenya

Sex & Relationships
These are some of the top online shops Kenyans are visiting to spice up their sex lives.

Turbo Tuesday: 10 Most Economical Cars to Own in Kenya

Turbo Tuesdays
You reach your legal driving age and reality quickly dawns on you. Sunsets, blondies and cars that attract them were probably a far-fetched idea.

Yummiest Ice Cream Joints in Nairobi

Food & Drink
A list of ice cream joints in Nairobi with arguably the most delicious creamy ice creams.