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Telenovela Actresses You Didn’t Know Are Married and with Children

TV Buzz
A look at the soap opera stars who are also winning at home.

Telenovela Couples Who Fell in Love in Real Life

Celebrity Buzz , TV Buzz
Which couple do you think looks good together?

The Four Types of Cheating

Sex & Relationships
What does cheating mean to you? Sex with someone else? But for many people, there’s a lot more to being unfaithful than intercourse, recent research shows.

The Kenyan Election in Memes

Did you catch these memes last week?

The Media and August 8th Hysteria: Is Media Fanning the Flames of Violence?

Trending Topics
Is the tone of our media reporting pre-determining violent out bursts?

The Most Ratchet Kenyan Video Ever!!!

This is the most ratchet thing that I ever woke up to accidentally watch. I’m talking about the so called “artist” Blaqy and so called “socialite” Risper Faith in the new video “Money Maker”. Oh my goodness!

The Originals Season 4 Review: The Undefeatable Mikaelson Family Meet Their Match

Series Reviews
The 4th season of "The Originals" brings to existence a whole new evil spirit that wants to take over New Orleans.

The Sarahah App That is Taking Kenya and the World by Storm

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Have you tried out Sarahah yet? Here's our opinion on the app.

Tips for Great First Dates

Sex & Relationships
For many people, the pressure to make the first date perfect is immense. To make it easier, we've collected some ideas that are simple, yet good!

Top 10 Kenyan Patriotic Songs

How many of these can you hum to?

Top 10 Modelling Agencies in Kenya

Fashion & Beauty
They find work for models, book jobs, bill them and pay the models, allowing them to solely focus on the modelling and not the business end of the industry.

Top 10 Movies Coming to Cinemas This August

Movie Buzz
Your cinema guide for August.

Top 10 Online Car Shopping Sites

Auto Buzz
To satisfy these needs, online car bazaars have come up with a variety of solutions and a vast array of cars.

Top 10 Online Shopping Stores in Kenya

Fashion & Beauty
For all your needs including clothes, electronics, motor vehicles, household goods, anti-snoring straps (no-kidding) and many, many more.

Top 7 Online Dating Sites in Kenya

Sex & Relationships
Top online dating sites in Kenya where you can join to meet new people, make friends and maybe find love.

Top 7 Online Sex Toys Stores in Kenya

Sex & Relationships
These are some of the top online shops Kenyans are visiting to spice up their sex lives.

Top Five Real Estate Agents in Kenya

Real Estate
The increasing demand for homeownership has seen a remarkable number of real estate agents coming into the sector to meet the housing demand and supply gap. This has led to the market being flooded by both genuine and unreliable real estate agents in equal measure.

Traditional Kenyan Food for Kids

Food & Drink , Recipes
Some delicious Kenyan foods that your kid ought to try.

Turbo Tuesday: 10 Most Economical Cars to Own in Kenya

Turbo Tuesdays
You reach your legal driving age and reality quickly dawns on you. Sunsets, blondies and cars that attract them were probably a far-fetched idea.

Turbo Tuesday: 30 Million Shilling Panamera & Other Luxury Supercars in Kenya

Turbo Tuesdays
Toyota Land Cruiser VX, Toyota Prado, Mercedes Benz S Class and Range Rover; all fancy cars but it is not a unique thing to own any of those cars in Nairobi in this day.