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40 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Nairobi Diaries’ Season 3

LOL , TV Buzz
Lesson learnt. I’m never doing this again!

5 Celebs You Didn’t Notice In Music Videos

You totally missed these A-List stars in these famous songs.

69 Sex Positions to Try Before You Die

Sex & Relationships
The internet is full of articles telling you to try new sexual positions to keep your love life fresh. Why are they all so boring? … These news flashes and more in this week’s Sex in the Press.

Coregasm: The Sporty Orgasm

Health & Fitness , Sex & Relationships
Working up a sweat in the gym can have an enjoyable side-effect for some women – it gives them an orgasm.

Famous & Kenyan: Personalities You Didn’t Know Have Roots in Kenya

Celebrity Buzz
This piece is not about Obama, Lupita, Louis Leakey or the many other icons of Kenyan heritage. It’s about the others. Many less heralded but just as influential. Others very famous but you probably didn’t know have a Kenyan connection.

Five Great Restaurants in the CBD Where You Can Get a Meal for Under 500 Shillings

Food & Drink
Not many people would make a special trip to the CBD for a meal but if you find your stomach growling while you’re there, where do you go?

‘House Of Lungula’ Is Now On YouTube. With 3 Language Options!

Movie Buzz
Strap in and get naughty the Kenyan way.

How To Eat Pray Love Your Way Through Kenya

All of Italy’s culinary pleasures, India’s spirituality, and Bali’s bliss can be found right here in Kenya.

‘Kati Kati’ Review: A Well-Made And Uniquely Captivating Film

Movie Reviews
Mbithi Masya’s first step is a giant leap for Riverwood.

'Legion' Review: The Best X-Men Adaptation In A While

Series Reviews
The show combines a twisted madhouse and superpower theme exemplarily well.

Let’s See How Much Time You Spent Watching TV in the 80s and 90s

Throwback Thursdays , TV Buzz
If you score a ten then you spent way too much time in front of the box- or maybe you just have an excellent memory.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who’s the Hottest Bond of All? VOTE BELOW!

Movie Buzz
He is the guy women will have that one night stand with and brag about afterwards to friends, the guy they will want to be the Bond girl for- without pay. The guy they reserve their dirty little fantasies for. He is the guy that as we say in Kenyanese, can 'gerrit'.

Nairobi Goes Retro 90s With Blackstreet And SWV

KICC’s Valentine’s concert was an incredible trip down memory lane.

Netflix's "Crazyhead" Review: Funny, Bright & Diabolical

Series Reviews
Crazyhead tries to mix comedic relief and horror, and aces at delivering in this format very well.

Netflix's "Santa Clarita Diet" Review: A Morbid Comedy Featuring A New Kind Of Zombie

Series Reviews
Fair warning to those with light stomachs and sporadic gag reflexes, this show features a fair share of cannibalism so tread carefully.    

New IMAX Cinema Screen to Open in Garden City

Movie Buzz
Movie buffs in line to enjoy more immersive cinema experience.

New On Netflix This Weekend: February 17–19

TV Buzz
A weekly round up of new additions to the streaming service.

People Are Mad That Uhuru Kenyatta Tweeted About The County Government Failing Us

Trending Topics
President Uhuru Kenyatta tweeted about the county Government failing citizens & most of us were triggered!

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Game of Thrones?

Buzz Quiz
Game of Thrones just came back this week to a staggering 8 Million viewers, making it one of the most popular shows on TV. But how much do you really know about it?

QUIZ: The Most Eggciting Easter Quiz You'll Ever Do

Buzz Quiz
Everyone knows the religious importance of Easter, but do you know your egg based facts?