1. Timeless Love
This Mexican novela follows the story of sisters, Renata and Roberta. When Roberta’s fiancé, Rafael is killed, his brother Jeronimo makes it his mission to make the person responsible pay. His investigation leads him to conclude that Renata was the one who killed him. He, therefore, marries her in order to make her suffer; unaware that he has been deceived. The two go through numerous trials to save their marriage and find out who really killed Rafael.
  1. A Place in Your Heart
This is a Filipino drama following the life of Sean and Audrey. Sean is married to a beautiful woman, Katharine, but his blissful life takes a turn when she steals from him and runs off with another man. Sean is inconsolable but Audrey stays with him to help rebuild his life. He eventually falls in love with Audrey but their time together is cut short when Katharine returns, demanding to take back her place as Sean’s wife.
  1. The Queen of Flow
This is a Colombian novella about Yeimy Montoya. At only 17, Yeimy is sentenced to 23 years in prison for drug trafficking. This is the scheme of her boyfriend, Charly, in order to stop Yeimy from revealing his crimes. He also steals Yeimy’s songs and uses them to make a name for himself in the music industry. 17 years later, Yeimy returns to take her revenge on Charly. Which was your favorite show from NTV this year?

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